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10 Best Yoga Poses For Strong Abs You Should Try


Yoga practice is well known all over the world. Various yoga postures have gained a great deal of popularity over the last few years and have become an essential part of countless people of different age groups. Be it strengthening your body muscles or just improving your body’s overall flexibility, practicing yoga can benefit your body’s health and appearance in various ways. From your legs to your abs, yoga postures can not only strengthen your muscles but also help them become more toned. In today’s post, we have compiled a list of the best yoga postures that can help strengthen your abs muscles. All the specified poses engage your abdominal muscles along with other body muscles. Mastering the technique of each of the following yoga poses will require time and dedication, but, it will most definitely be worth trying. Help strengthen and tone your abs by trying the following yoga postures. Also, if you have had a past injury, then you should consult a specialist before trying a new pose.

Take A Look At The 10 Best Yoga Poses For Strong Abs You Should Try:

1. Wheel Pose

If you wish to target the muscles in your abs, then this is the yoga posture that you should contemplate including in your daily activity. The wheel posture may take time and effort to master, however, this is the ultimate yoga pose that can help change the way your abs look.

Wheel Pose

2. Half Moon Pose

Half moon pose is another extremely beneficial posture that can make a world of difference to your abs area. Getting in this pose can be quite challenging for beginners, however, this posture is worth the time and effort. Try getting in this pose and stay in that position for good 4-5 breaths for getting well-toned abs.

Half Moon Pose

3. Cobra Pose

The multipurpose cobra pose is one of the most effective yoga pose that can strengthen your abs area as well as make it appear more toned. Once in the morning and again in the evening, try performing this awesome yoga pose to help your abs look swoon-worthy and super toned.

Cobra Pose

4. Bird Dog Pose

Bird dog pose is another incredibly effective posture that can help you build strength in your abs muscles. This pose is fairly easy to perform and can be used for strengthening not just the abs area but also the core muscles. Incorporate this versatile yoga pose in your lifestyle to reap amazing results.

Bird Dog Pose

5. High Plank Pose

In the past few years, high plank pose has often been hailed as the most amazing abs-strengthening exercise that is most definitely worth trying. This all-purpose yoga pose comes with a host of benefits. Once a day, perform this fantastic yoga posture to help strengthen your abs in an effective manner.

High Plank Pose

6. Boat Pose

Remarkably effective, boat pose is one more potent yoga posture that is known to engage the abs muscles and help them become strong and well-toned. Additionally, doing this pose will also help your thigh and leg muscles become more flexible and powerful. Incorporating this fabulous posture in your daily activity is bound to yield wonderful results for your abs muscles.

Boat Pose

7. Handstand

Engaging the abs muscles, handstand is one more super amazing yoga posture that can be used for achieving well toned abs. Plenty of people try this yoga pose for not just strengthening their abs but also for improving their body’s endurance, stability and flexibility. Get flaunt-worthy abs by making this yoga pose a part of your everyday workout regimen.


8. Fish Pose

Fish pose tends to target muscles in multiple body parts, one of them is the abs area. This highly popular yoga pose is the go-to posture for a lot of people worldwide who want their abs to become strong and toned. In a week, at least on 5 days you should try performing this yoga pose for great results.

Fish Pose

9. Eight-Angle Pose

Another yoga pose that a lot of people like to do for strengthening their abs is the remarkable eight-angle pose. This is another awesome posture that you should consider giving a try. Weekly, on 4-5 days you should get in this pose and stay that way for 4-5 deep breaths for getting strong abs. Improve the state of your abs and make them look stunningly toned by making eight-angle pose an essential part of your routine.

Eight-Angle Pose

10. Extended Puppy Pose

Last yoga posture on this list that can help strengthen your abs muscles is the amazing extended puppy pose. Easy to perform, this yoga pose can help your abs area in various ways. Get in this pose and stay for 5 deep breaths. Also, on a daily basis you should consider getting in this pose at least twice to help your abs become better and toned.