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10 Common Kitchen Items That Are High In Antioxidants And Are Great For Ageing Skin


Skin aging is one the most concerning issues related to skin! Mostly our skin starts getting aged and shows signs like sagginess, dull skin, roughness, flaky skin etc. these are the signs which can make you feel aged! In the case of skin aging, anti oxidant rich foods are the best! The anti oxidants are the elements which can help in preventing skin aging and also can make your skin look flawless and bright! No need to go for the cosmetic products and spend bucks on those unnatural products if you have some awesome anti oxidant rich ingredients in your home! Open up your kitchen doors and grab these anti oxidant rich ingredients to fight skin aging like a pro!

1. Green Tea

Green tea and green tea extracts are filled with anti oxidants which can reduce wrinkles, saggy skin and such signs of aging. If you are worried about your skin getting saggy, wrinkles and such annoying issues, you must drink a cup of green tea daily. Filled with rich anti oxidants and minerals, this tea would make your skin youthful, gorgeous and bright!

Green Tea

2. Strawberries

Berries are rich who flavonoids and such amazing anti oxidants, different berries are suggested to reduce wrinkles, fine lines and such skin aging issues. People also use strawberry masks to keep the skin radiant, bright and youthful. Thus consume a bowl of strawberries daily and boost blood circulation with its rich minerals and anti oxidants to look flawless!


3. Oranges

Oranges are power packed and filled with some nutrients which are extremely amazing for the skin. Filled with vitamin C, anti oxidants and such cool minerals, oranges would never fail to make your skin youthful, tight and glorious! Consume oranges or orange juice daily to make your skin look bright and beautiful regardless of your age!


4. Grapes

Black or green grapes, any of these variations are filled with vitamins and anti oxidants which has a healing and soothing impact on your skin. If your skin is becoming dry, rough, and lifeless and wrinkled, you must consume grapes daily to flourish your skin with blood flow and oxygenated blood! This would surely make your skin look adorable!


5. Spinach

Spinach is an amazing ingredient which is not just filed with anti oxidants but is also enriched with iron, folate, magnesium, calcium and such skin enriching ingredients which would never fail to make our skin young and gorgeous! For all the skin issues, consume spinach or spinach juice and watch your skin getting transformed in just few days!


6. Broccoli

Broccoli is a dark and green leafy vegetable which is loaded with anti oxidants and rich minerals which can work miracles on our skin. the dry, pigmented, saggy and under nourished skin can look flattering with the consumption of broccoli! Daily consume some broccolis and make your skin look youthful and bright everyday!


7. Beetroot

Beetroot is a sole ingredient which can work wonders on your skin. Beetroot can brighten your skin and fight pigmentation issues also the issues like saggy skin, roughness, dark patches, and wrinkles can be easily battled with this amazing ingredient. Thus, consume beetroot juice daily and make your skin bright, gorgeous and adorable! Get rosy pink cheeks, glorious lips and awesome blood circulation wit this flawless ingredient!


8. Cherries

Just like berries, the cherries are too filled with different anti oxidants. These rich anti oxidants make your skin bright and beautiful while fighting issues like wrinkles, fine lines and dullness. Thus, consume more cherries to make your skin look bright, beautiful and adorable! Include cherries in your diet and make your skin glow beautifully ever morning you wake up!


9. Plumps

If you love the sweet and sour taste of the delicious plumps, here is another reason to consume it! Rich with minerals, vitamin and anti oxidants, and this amazing fruit would keep your skin shining and glorious! Everyday consume some plumps and make your skin look youthful. This is an awesome way to stay young and bright forever and make your skin shine!


10. Cranberries

Cranberries have an amazing impact on your skin. This is a beauty food which can make your skin flawless. I can help in making the skin bright and gorgeous and also it banishes the wrinkles, fine lines and such issues. Thus, consume some cranberries daily and make your skin look tight, bright and radiant as never before! Not only for boosting digestion and delighting your taste buds, but these berries are simply awesome to also make your skin look flattering everyday!


Along with above mentioned kitchen ingredients, regular exercises and good dietary habits can also solve the purpose.