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10 Infused Water Recipes To Keep You Hydrated In Summers


Hydration is one of the basic needs of human body. Your body needs to stay hydrated to perform normally and to carry out all the necessary functions. Generally during hot and humid climatic conditions, people suffer from dehydration, a state in which, the intake o water gets reduced and various issues can affect your body. Keeping your body hydrated would boost up your energy levels and help you in battling the heat quickly! Also for various bodily processes, water is important and low consumption of water would clog your body organs. This summer, you can try some amazing hydrating recipes which would never let you face de hydration ever! Try these recipes and stay hydrated anytime anywhere!

1. Cucumbers

Cucumber infused water is extremely hydrating and nourishing. Cucumbers are filled with water and some essential minerals which can keep you hydrated and would also help in battling hydration related issues. Keep the cucumber slices in a water glass for half an hour and drink this entire enriched glass of cucumber water!


2. Watermelons

A huge content of watermelon is filled with water and this is why watermelons are rich with nutrients and would keep you hydrated watermelons help in boosting the energy levels and also fights the high temperature levels. Slice some watermelon and place it in a jar. Leave it for 20 minutes and drink this water! You can also add some honey for taste.


3. Strawberries

Strawberries are rich and stunning for the skin and body. For hydration and for filing your body with vitamins and antioxidants, here is refreshing water which can make you feel full and nourished. Slice some strawberries and add few lemon slices in the water. Keep it for few minutes and drink this delicious infused water! You can also add some peach slices to make it sweet and really tasty!


4. Mint Water

Mint and ice water is a refreshing drink which would boost you with freshness, energy and nutrients. Mint is a rich ingredient which can fight de hydration and can keep your body hydrated. Crush some mint leaves and place it in your glass. Add some water and ice cubes and let it stay. Drink this water and feel immensely awesome!

Mint Water

5. Pineapple Ginger Mint Ice Water

This is a refreshing and delicious water recipe which would make you feel fresh as never before. Pineapples are sweet and sour which would fill you with vitamins, minerals and nutrients. This anti oxidant rich drink is simply awesome for your body and thus, you must try this infused water! Place the pineapple slices, mint, and ginger with ice in water glass and drink this water!

Pineapple Ginger Mint Ice Water

6. Rose Petals And Fennel Seeds Water

Nothing can be more nourishing and refreshing than rose petals. Rose petals and blissful and would fill your body with freshness. The fennel seeds are extremely nutritious and good for improving digestion. Tate this delicious mix of ingredients and infused water to feel healthy!

Rose Petals And Fennel Seeds Water

7. Raspberry Strawberry Infused Water

Berries are loaded with minerals, anti oxidants, enzymes and elements which can improve blood flow as well can keep you hydrated. This amazing and delicious mixture of strawberries and raspberries is such a tangy and sweet mixture which you can try! Place these ingredients in water and drink this tasty infused water to fight dehydration!

Raspberry Strawberry Infused Water

8. Watermelon Basil

If you want a healthy and anti bacterial drink which can prevent you from cold, cough, various disease as well from dehydration, try this herbal infused water which would taste delicious. Place the watermelon slices and basil leaves in a jar and drink this infused water to fight de hydration and such conditions!

Watermelon Basil

9. Green Tea Lime And Mint

This is such a refreshing and delicious combination which is filled with numerous benefits. Green tea is an anti oxidant rich tea which can repair your immune system and keep your body hydrated. Lime juice is extremely important to fight de hydration and provides you vitamin c while mint is a refreshing agent which can battle hot climate and its effects! Thus place these ingredients in a jar and drink this infused water to feel awesome!

Green Tea Lime And Mint

10. Coconut Kiwi Mint

People love to drink coconut water every morning in summers due to its amazing benefits. Coconut water is a hydrating agent which can fight de hydration and its severe cases as no other ingredient. For a splash of taste and refreshment, add some kiwi and mint leaves which would make perfect combination of delicious ingredients. Place them in a jar and make a ravish drink which you would love to have!

Coconut Kiwi Mint