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10 Natural Ingredients That Are Perfect For Combination Skin

In case, you are someone who has combination skin, then you must be well aware of the fact that taking care of this particular type of skin can be extremely challenging. As the name suggests, this skin type is a combination of both oily and dry skin. The area where you might experience both oiliness and dryness is the t-zone on your face, mainly the forehead, nose and chin area. Nowadays, several beauty brands have started launching products especially designed for combination skin type. But if you wish to try something that is less pricey and more effective, then you should try using natural ingredients which can be easily found in the kitchen cabinets.

All these ingredients are popular across the globe for their skin-reviving benefits that can improve the overall state of combination skin. Today’s post is all about the natural ingredients that are perfect for combination skin. In this post we have mentioned the details of these traditional and potent ingredients that can help you keep your skin glowing and pretty. And, before trying any of the following ingredient on your face, we highly suggest you to conduct simple skin patch tests. This test will let you know if the specific component goes well with your skin, as we all have unique skin types.

Here Are The 10 Natural Ingredients That Are Perfect For Combination Skin:

1. Banana

A greatly popular fruit for skin care purposes, banana is also known to benefit combination skin in various ways. In addition, you are free to use in plenty of ways to ensure that your skin type stays healthy and looks great too. Ideally, it is used with smoothing, skin-friendly components that are also equally beneficial for this type of skin. You can mix mashed banana with, either lemon juice or honey and use it on your skin to keep skin-related issues at bay.


2. Honey

One more natural ingredient that can prove to be advantageous for combination skin is honey. All the goodness present in honey can favor this skin type and help it get better in many ways. In addition, you can easily use this natural ingredient for keeping all the problems related to this specific type of skin at bay. Prepare a mix at your own home by blending honey with another skin-benefiting natural ingredient or just directly apply it all over your skin for getting desired outcome.


3. Egg White

There is no denying the fact that egg white is one of the most beloved natural ingredients for dealing with skin-related issues. But very few people know that this natural ingredient can do wonders on combination skin type too. Once a month usage of this natural ingredient should help maintain combination skin type in a healthy way. Either take an egg white and slather it directly on your skin or blend it with a natural ingredient such as, honey or lemon and use it like a homemade mask to keep this skin type pretty and healthy.

Egg White

4. Mint Juice

Mint is a super popular herb, often used extensively for improving the texture of combination skin and also ensuring that the unpleasant skin conditions stay at bay. So, if you are someone who has combination skin then you should contemplate making mint juice a part of your weekly beauty routine. Put handful of cleaned mint leaves in a blender. Use that natural juice to rinse your face. This remedial ingredient can be used on combination skin on a weekly basis for desired results.

Mint Juice

5. Papaya Pulp

Like the previously stated natural ingredients, pulp of a ripe papaya, too, is highly popular for its effectiveness on combination skin. This inexpensive remedy is potent and can help your combination skin type look great and stay healthy. Once a week, extract pulp of a ripe papaya and gently apply it all over your skin. Let the remedy stay on your skin for about 20 minutes before using room temperature water to wash off the pulp. Also, you are free to blend papaya pulp with another natural ingredient to create your own homemade mask.

Papaya Pulp

6. Fuller’s Earth

Fuller’s earth is, perhaps, a true favorite when it comes to dealing with combination skin type. The skin-boosting goodness of fuller’s earth enables it to keep your skin healthy and good-looking. There are plenty of ways in which you can utilize this natural ingredient. For instance, you can either mix it with water and apply it on your face, or create a proper face mask by mixing it with honey and egg white. Indulge in any of the following methods to help your combination skin look gorgeous at all times.

 Fuller's Earth

7. Cucumber Juice

One more potent natural ingredient, that has managed to gain considerable amount of popularity over the past few years for its effectiveness in solving problems related to combination skin is, freshly extracted cucumber juice. It is known to have soothing and calming impact on this particular type of skin. Simply, put half a cucumber in a blender to get fresh cucumber juice. Then rinse your face with this homemade juice for a minute. This method can be repeated twice a week to help your combination skin get prettier and cleaner. So, try it out and say goodbye to your skin issues.

Cucumber Juice

8. Sandalwood Powder

Just like the aforementioned natural ingredients, sandalwood powder, too, is wonderful for skin type that is a blend of oily and dry. Its skin-benefiting goodness makes it one superbly potent ingredient that should be a crucial part of your skin care practice. In order to reap maximum benefits of this fantastic remedy, either blend it with another natural ingredient or just prepare a homemade paste by mixing it with water. Tenderly, slather a generous amount of the sandalwood powder paste on your skin and let it work its magic for 20 minutes before rinsing with clean water.

Sandalwood Powder

9. Rose Water

Rose water is a beloved natural ingredient that tends to suit all skin type including combination skin. Apart from having a gentle effect on skin, this natural ingredient can also help your precious skin stay away from all kinds of unpleasant conditions. Moreover, there are various different ways in which you can use this fabulous natural ingredient to improve the state of your combination skin. Directly smear rose water on your combination skin or simply unite it with any of the above mentioned ingredients to ensure that your skin looks great at all times.

Rose Water

10. Milk

There are plenty of positive ways in which milk can benefit anyone’s skin. It is considered to be beneficial on combination skin because of its skin-friendly features. Also, it goes without saying that compared to the conventional skin products, this natural ingredient is extremely inexpensive and easily available at all places. People with combination skin type can easily rinse their skin with cold milk to reap all the benefits that this incredible natural ingredient has to offer.