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11 Best Carrier Oils You Can Use To Banish Dandruff

There are a myriad of problems that make our locks unattractive and unhealthy. The one that we are referring to in today’s post is dandruff. Having dandruff in your hair is something that can not only make your locks look dirty and unattractive but also cause itchiness in your scalp. In fact, it is an unsightly woe that can be difficult to conceal. That is why, it is best to try to get rid of it, instead of hiding it. In case, you have ever been plagued with this common hair problem, then you must be well aware of the fact that nowadays there are a plethora of conventional hair care products that claim to banish dandruff. However, very few of them can achieve the task without any negative impact on your strands. Hence, before you splurge on those products, it is best to try out carrier oils that have been used since decades for combating dandruff.

Powerful and loaded with moisturizing features, carrier oils have been considered essential for proper hair care for many centuries now. Utilizing them would help your locks in ways you cannot imagine. So, continue reading this post to know about 11 best carrier oils that you can use for this specific hair woe. The amazing carrier oils listed below can make the days of your locks being troubled with dandruff a thing of the past. In fact, other than fighting dandruff, these carrier oils can also transform the condition of your mane and make them look flawless. Before making them a part of your hair care routine, it is best to test them on a patch of your scalp, just to be certain that a particular carrier oil suits your hair.

Mentioned Here Are The 11 Best Carrier Oils You Can Use To Banish Dandruff:

1. Sweet Almond Oil

The very first carrier oil on the list is sweet almond oil. Apart from being an overall beneficial oil, this carrier oil is also loaded with nourishing abilities that can effectively combat dandruff. Directly slather a generous amount of this carrier oil on your scalp and leave it on overnight for best results. When used repeatedly, on a weekly basis, this superb carrier oil can yield great results and make your strands dandruff-free.

Sweet Almond Oil

2. Coconut Oil

A true favorite and often considered to be a miracle worker, coconut oil is one oil that can be used to deal with all kinds of hair-related woes such as dandruff, etc. There are numerous potent methods in which you can utilize coconut oil’s goodness to banish dandruff for good. Directly massage it on your scalp or use it in combination with any hair-loving remedy to get good results.

Coconut Oil

3. Hazelnut Oil

Widely used for application on hair, hazelnut is another remarkable carrier oil that can should be part of your weekly hair care routine to get rid of dandruff for good. Few people like to directly apply it on the scalp for removing dandruff, while others like to use it with a remedial ingredient such as an egg white for enhanced results. Give it a try and enjoy dandruff-free mane.

Hazelnut Oil

4. Castor Oil

Castor oil’s nourishing and moisturizing feature makes it a perfect carrier oil for combating annoying dandruff. Usually, people like to merge a little bit of castor oil with a remedial component such as lemon juice before applying to the scalp. So, make castor oil an essential part of your weekly hair care regimen and rid your scalp as well as strands of unattractive dandruff.

Castor Oil

5. Sunflower Oil

Sunflower oil is another dandruff fighting carrier oil that you should most definitely consider incorporating in your hair care practice. Apart from nourishing the scalp and strands, this carrier oil can also deeply moisturize it to completely ward off dandruff. Pour a few drops of this carrier oil on your scalp and massage using your fingertips for helping your scalp and strands become dandruff-free and stay that way.

Sunflower Oil

6. Olive Oil

Extensively used as a hair-massage oil, olive oil is one of the most in-demand carrier oils that can work effectively in combating the dandruff problem for good. Packed with moisturizing benefits, application of olive oil on your scalp can make you bid goodbye to dandruff in the most effective way possible. Just once a week, try to apply this valuable and astounding carrier oil on your scalp and leave it overnight for achieving desired outcome.

Olive Oil

7. Apricot Kernel Oil

Used since ancient times for warding off hair-related woes such as dandruff, apricot kernel oil is another valuable carrier oil that can help your locks become dandruff-free and stay that way. For best outcome, you should consider preparing a blend of apricot kernel oil with a hair-loving ingredient for usage. Bid goodbye to dandruff, an annoying hair problem and help your locks become healthy by using this extraordinary carrier oil on a weekly basis.

Apricot Kernel Oil

8. Vitamin E Oil

Maximum people these days have started using vitamin E oil for upgrading the condition of their locks and warding off problems such as dandruff, etc. Be it nourishing the scalp or warding off dandruff, this carrier oil is capable of doing it all. Just cut two or three vitamin E capsules and extract the oil from them. Best way of using this remarkably powerful carrier oil would be directly slathering it on the scalp to effectively banish dandruff.

9. Canola Oil

Alternatively, you can contemplate using canola oil, another fabulous carrier oil for fighting off the dandruff problem from the root. Directly smear it on your scalp or blend it with another hair-improving component for enhanced outcome. The usage of this awesome carrier oil on a weekly basis should help eliminate dandruff from your scalp and strands for a long period of time.

10. Sesame Oil

One more carrier oil that contains hair-loving properties that can not only remove dandruff from your locks but also make it prettier is sesame oil. Simply, massage your troubling scalp with this carrier oil or prepare a dandruff-fighting homemade mask using this carrier oil to get rid of this annoying hair problem. Furthermore, repeated usage of sesame oil can help your strands deal effectively with dandruff for once and for all.

Sesame Oil

11. Mustard Oil

The last carrier oil that can have a long-lasting positive impact on your dandruff problem is mustard oil. This carrier oil is well liked by people all over the world for its countless hair-improving features and can be used either directly on the scalp or in unity with any other hair-friendly natural component. Remove dandruff from your scalp as well as mane by using this miraculous and easily available carrier oil on a weekly basis.