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11 Best Coconut Oil And Honey Recipes For Hair Thinning


Thinning of locks is becoming more and more common among people these days. All because of improper hair care ways and pollution. This is one of the issues which can make your locks appear lifeless and weak. And if that is the case, then no matter what hair styling method you try, your locks will still look thin. Thankfully, there are traditional remedies especially honey and coconut oil that are known to help thicken the locks and make them also appear lustrous and healthy. Well, these two elements can also be put together with other all-natural ingredients for hair usage.

Better than many over-the-counter hair creams that claim to thicken locks, the combo of these two along with other home remedies can make your days of thin locks a thing of the past. Just reach out for a few kitchen cabinet staple items such as tomato, egg, green tea, etc, and create your very own hair-thickening blends. Take a look at the below listed recipes that are not just affordable but effective and trouble-free as well. Before trying them out, you should test them on a patch of your scalp to check the way your tresses respond to the combinations.

Here Are The 11 Best Coconut Oil And Honey Recipes For Hair Thinning:

1. With Egg White:

This recipe requires you to combine an egg white with a tablespoon of each coconut oil and honey. The resulting substance should be put all over the scalp area and ends of the tresses. After keeping it on for an hour, you can wash it with your usual shampoo. Fight off thin hair problem by using this material once a week.

With Egg White

2. With Aloe Vera Juice:

For getting thicker tresses, you can also use a concoction of coconut oil, honey and aloe vera juice. Gather a teaspoon of each coconut oil and aloe vera juice with half a teaspoon of honey. Cover your head with this blend and after keeping it for a while, use room temperature water for rinsing purpose.

With Aloe Vera Juice

3. With Green Tea:

For preparing this hair-thickening blend, you will be required to mix half a teaspoon of both green tea and honey with a tablespoon of coconut oil. Post finishing up the preparation, you should put this homemade material on your head. for the next hour or two, leave it to settle in your tresses. Wash with your shampoo and repeat its application after a week.

With Green Tea

4. With Indian Gooseberry Oil:

Combining the above stated components with Indian gooseberry oil can also reap great benefits for your tresses. Apart from helping them become thick, it can also improve its overall appearance. Take a teaspoon of each, Indian gooseberry oil and coconut oil and merge it with half a teaspoon of honey.

With Indian Gooseberry Oil

5. With Avocado:

Enhance the impact of the 2 aforementioned all-natural constituents by submerging it with a ripe avocado. Simply, take a tablespoon of mashed avocado and merge it with a tablespoon of coconut oil and honey. Then transfer the substance onto your head and make sure that the tresses are properly covered with this blend.

 With Avocado

6. With Olive Oil:

One more potent process to help thicken your tresses requires you to combine the 2 said ingredients with olive oil. Just get a concoction ready by mixing a teaspoon of both olive oil, coconut oil along with half a teaspoon of honey. Cover your tresses with this incredible mix and keep it there for an hour to improve the thickness of your locks.

With Olive Oil

7. With Onion Juice:

This remarkable combo can also be used with onion juice for the purpose of combating the problem of thin hair. Create this mix by joining half a teaspoon of onion juice with a tablespoon of each coconut oil and honey. Get the preparation done and then smear it on your tresses. Let the blend nourish your mane for an hour before cleaning with shampoo.

With Onion Juice

8. With Castor Oil:

The benefits of castor oil can increase the impact of this superb combo. To achieve desired results, you should prepare a hair-benefiting concoction by uniting half a teaspoon of castor oil with a full tablespoon of coconut oil and 4-5 drops of honey. This material can be slathered onto the mane and left there for an hour before washing it away.

 With Castor Oil

9. With Fenugreek Seeds:

Just put a handful of fenugreek seeds in a bowl full of water. Let it get soaked over night before combining it with a tablespoon of coconut oil and half a teaspoon of honey. Take the mixture, cover your locks with it and keep it covered for an hour or so. Follow up by cleaning with a shampoo and repeat its application after two weeks for thick and lustrous mane.

With Fenugreek Seeds

10. With Guava Leaves:

Guava leaves possess a lot of hair-improving features that can work like a charm when joined with the 2 mentioned ingredients. Put 4-5 guava leaves in a pot of bowling water. Let it boil for a little while before taking out 1 tablespoon of the solution and mixing with equal amount of each, coconut oil and honey. In the similar way, spread the blend on your tresses and after an hour cleanse it away with shampoo.

With Guava Leaves

11. With Tomato Pulp:

The very last way in which you can make use of the superb combination of honey and coconut oil is by uniting it with the extracted pulp of tomato. Simply scoop out a full teaspoon of tomato pulp and submerge it with a tablespoon of each honey and coconut oil. Cover your thin locks with this material and shampoo after an hour. Application of this potent substance can help you get thicker tresses.

With Tomato Pulp