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11 Tips To Increase The Metabolism Without Exercising

A healthy metabolism is detrimental on a number of factors. A good metabolism makes us sleep better, be more active, have good weight, stay away from illnesses, and have a great body. Hormones, lifestyle, eating habits and age, all play a vital factor in maintaining a good metabolism. Though exercising help in revving up the metabolism here are a few tips for getting a better metabolism without going for any workouts.

Tips For Increasing Metabolism Are

1. Eat A Healthy Breakfast

A healthy breakfast comprising of cereals, oats, fresh fruits and fat-free milk, and of course yogurt, instantly stimulates the metabolism and energizes the body. This energy is stored in the body in the form of healthy calories to perform functions all day. Studies suggest that people who skip breakfast are likely to be more obese than those who eat a healthy meal.

Eat Food Slowly

2. Exclude Junk Foods

We should not binge on fatty foods and carb-laden diets, but totally cutting out on food is a bad idea. If we stop eating well and there is little intake, the body starts thinking that the calorie breaking process is complete and does not perform its metabolic functions to break down fat. Hence, there should be an ample supply of calories to the body to maintain a complete cycle and perform the body functions.

Exclude Junk Foods

3. Consume Fiber-Rich Food

Fiber rich foods such are fruits, green vegetables, cereals, and nuts add bulk to the food in the stomach and aid in its passage down the colon, thus regulating the digestive metabolism. They also aid to cutting down on fat and adding energy to the body for life processes.

Consume Fiber-Rich Food

4. Drink Plenty Of Water

Drinking 6 cups of cold water every day can help in cutting down up to 50 calories and rev up the metabolism. The body makes an effort to bring down the temperature of the water to the body temperature and therefore, uses up its calories in the process revitalizing the metabolism.

drink warm water

5. Omega 3 Fat Intake

Omega 3 fats found in foods like fish,help in regulating the glucose levels and reduce inflammation in the body which is directly linked to increased metabolism. Fish oil and supplements are of great help and they are also known to reduce resistance to the hormone leptin that is responsible for burning fat in the body. Also, intake of omega 3 fats helps reducing more weight while exercising [5].

Omega 3 Fat Intake

6. Vitamin D Intake

This vitamin is essential for performing all metabolic activities. Shrimp, tuna, oysters, fortified milk, eggs, tofu are all good sources of vitamin D and should be incorporated into the meals [6].

Vitamin D Intake

7. Eat Proteins

Protein are necessary for growth and repair, and they indirectly also contribute to rev up the metabolism. The body digests proteins slower than carbs and in the process burn greater calories. Also, they keep the system fuller for longer, preserve the lean body mass and hence stimulate the fat burning process of the body.

Eat Proteins

8. Iron Rich Food Intake

Iron is required for producing blood that carries oxygen to all parts of the body. Oxygen is responsible for supplying the body with energy that is required for metabolic activities. So a body that is low in oxygen will have a lower metabolism and weaker immunity. Shellfish, green veggies, fortified cereals,beans and lean meats are great sources of iron.

Iron Rich Food

9. Drink Milk

Drinking milk supplies the body with the required minerals, and consuming milk and milk products reduces the fat absorption from other foods. A diet low in calcium is said to decrease the metabolism of the body.

Drink Milk

10. Stop Alcohol Intake

Alcohol is said to lower the metabolism and make the body sluggish. The body’s fat burning regime becomes slower and weak as the alcohol is used as the fuel instead of the fats stored in the body. Hence, moderate drinking only is recommended.


11. Drink Green Tea

Green tea contains antioxidants which protect the body against diseases and catechins that improve fat oxidation and body’s ability to burn more energy. People who drink green tea lose more weight than people who don’t.

Drink Green Tea