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12 Effective Home Remedies For Chin Blackheads

Blackheads can usually pop up at any part of the face. Though most people pay extra attention to the blackheads that appear on the nose area, most of them often end up ignoring the ones that crop up on the chin area. Ignoring the ones on the chin area can eventually make your skin in that area lose its natural color and become rough. That is the reason why, one should make it a point to at least once a week pamper the skin on their chin to get rid of the existing blackheads and make sure they stay away.

Well, when it comes to getting rid of the blackheads on the chin area, very few items can be as effective as the traditional home remedies. Needless to say, the home remedies have been around since ages and are widely used as beauty care ingredients. If you too are someone whose skin on the chin area is rough because of blackheads, then you should continue reading today’s post. We have curated a list of home remedies that can make chin blackheads a thing of the past. Try them to attain smoother and cleaner chin.

Here Are The 12 Effective Home Remedies For Chin Blackheads:

1. Milk Powder

A home remedy that is extensively used for warding off various annoying skin problems, milk powder is the very first remedy on the list that can help reduce the appearance of blackheads on your chin. Prepare a blend of half a teaspoon of milk powder and rose water. Rub it all over your slightly wet chin area. Afterwards, splash water to remove the residue from your chin area. For achieving clear-looking chin that is free from blackheads, include this remedy in your weekly skin practice.

Milk Powder

2. Glycerin

A main ingredient in various skin care items, glycerin is another excellent home remedy that is full of skin-loving features that can make your chin blackheads disappear for good. In order to help the skin on your chin become clean and clear, you should mix 2 drop of glycerin with a tablespoon full of water and rinse the affected part with it. Use this reliable and well known home remedy on a weekly basis for eliminating unsightly blackheads from your chin.


3. Aloe Vera Gel

Hailed as a natural soothing skin care ingredient, gel of an aloe vera plant comes with various skin-loving properties that can also effectively remove the blackheads from your chin. Simply scoop out a teaspoon of this gel and gently cover the troubled area with it. For good half an hour you should allow the gel to work its charm. Regular usage of this fantastic home remedy can make your chin blackheads a thing of the past.

Aloe Vera Gel

4. Tea Tree Oil

To reduce the prominence of the annoying blackheads on your chic, you can also make use of tea tree oil, another hugely popular home remedy. Diluted form of tea tree oil is what can do wonders on this specific skin issue. Just merge it with a carrier oil like olive oil or coconut oil and smear it all over the affected area. Utilize this home remedy at least 2-3 times in a month to achieve clear-looking chin area.

Tea Tree Oil

5. Sea Salt

For the purpose of eliminating blackheads from the chin area, another home remedy that has gained a great deal of popularity is sea salt. The goodness of this remedial ingredient has time and again proven to be potent for combating this skin issue. Add a pinch of sea salt in a bowl of cold water and mix with your finger. Then soak a cotton pad in it and place it onto your chin area. After about 10 minutes, rinse your chin with cold water. This remedy can be used once a month for banishing chin blackheads.

Sea Salt

6. Sugar

The numerous beauty advantages of sugar makes it another excellent home remedy that is worth trying for the purpose of making blackheads go away from the chin area. Its exfoliating properties can work wonders on this beauty problem. Put half a teaspoon of sugar in a bowl and add a few drops of coconut oil to it. Properly mix before tenderly rubbing the mixture on the chin area. For a couple of minutes, try to keep massaging the area prior to cleaning. Give this home remedy a try on a weekly basis for good results.


7. Apple Cider Vinegar

The ultimate home remedy for dealing with all kinds of skin and hair problems, apple cider vinegar can also be utilized for banishing chin blackheads. Prepare a solution by mixing a tablespoon of rose water with 2-3 drops of apple cider vinegar. Then rinse your chin with the resulting material. It is a hugely reliable method that can be used on a weekly basis for achieving notable difference in the way your chin looks.

Apple Cider Vinegar

8. Orange Peel Powder

Powder of dried up orange peels has been very well known in skin care realm. This home remedy offers a great deal of skin-loving benefits that can also play a huge role in combating the problem of chin blackheads. You can easily mix it with either rose water or olive oil and apply on the chin area. On a weekly basis, you can use this miraculous element to remove the annoying and unattractive blackheads from your chin.

Orange Peel Powder

9. Egg White

Egg white, too is an awesome home remedy that can prove to be your best option for warding off blackheads from the chin area. Always hailed as a miracle worker for various skin problems, egg white can not only remove the blackheads but also banish gunk away from your skin. Soak a cotton ball in a bowl full of a separated egg white and tenderly rub that cotton ball over the chin area. Allow the remedy to dry for a little while before cleansing it off. On a weekly basis, pamper your chin area with this home remedy to get noticeable result.

Egg White

10. Cinnamon Powder

Cinnamon powder has been a trendy buzzword in skin care realm from ages. The various skin advantages of using this incredible home remedy have been well documented over the world. It is cited to be highly potent for combating blackheads especially on the chin area. You too can easily mix a pinch of cinnamon powder with rose water or honey and apply all over the troubling spots. Again after a week or two, repeat the application of this home remedy to decrease the prominence of blackheads on your chin.

Cinnamon Powder

11. Lemon Juice

One more home remedy that can prove to be an effective safeguard against blackheads on the chin area is fresh lemon juice. This remedy contains exfoliating as well as cleansing properties that can help clear away the blackheads from the skin on your chin. In a bowl, squeeze out fresh lemon juice and soak a cotton ball before placing it on the troubling area. Continue using this remedy once in two weeks to keep your chin free from blackheads.

Lemon Juice

12. Mint Leaves

Mint leaves is the last home remedy on this amazing list that can come in handy for fighting off the chin blackheads problem. A natural cleanser, mint leaves can remove the gunk from your skin’s surface. Either smear fresh mint juice on the affected area or just crush a few leaves and mix it with rose water and smear the concoction on the chin area. On a weekly basis, try using this home remedy for achieving clear-looking chin area.

Mint Leaves