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4 Homemade Scrubs To Remove Blackheads

Step by step guide to get rid of blackheads.

Market is flooded with ideas to treat blackheads and every second name claims to cure it in no time, but those who suffer from severe blackheads know that it is a continuous fight to deal with this issue. Some products can pitch down the effect for a while but getting long lasting results is a tough task. People spend a lot of money in buying products rather than finding solution in their own kitchen. To remove blackheads and to get supple soft skin, scrubbing once or twice (as required) is recommended. Scrubs help by opening the clogged pores and they help your skin breathe, here are 5 easy to make scrubs, out of the ingredients you can find in your kitchen.

1. Baking Soda Magic Scrub

The abrasive properties of baking soda makes it the most essential ingredient of this scrub. With three basic ingredients you can make a marvelous scrub at home.

How To Prepare And Use:

In a small bowl take 2 tbsp. of raw milk, one tbsp. of baking soda and, 2 tbsp. of fresh lemon juice. Mix all the three ingredients properly and make a paste. Now, thoroughly apply this paste on your face. Let it settle down for 5 minutes so that the mixture becomes stiff and scrubs the skin properly. When it is semi-dry massage your face in circular motion so that dead skin is removed and pores are unclogged. Using this scrub once in a week will definitely bring ravishing results, make sure not to over-scrub your face as it might lead to unexpected dryness of skin.

2. Brown Sugar Delight Scrub

Sugar exfoliates skin and is usually ideal for all skin types. This scrub will heal skin with the goodness of sugar and honey.

How To Prepare And Use:

Mix one tbsp. brown sugar, one tbsp. honey and two tbsp. fresh lemon juice. Apply the mixture on your clean face and gently rub it in circular motion. Keep scrubbing for around 5-10 minutes, apply few water drops on your fingers just in case the mixture becomes too stiff. Make sure to keep the movement gentle so that your pores clean up without creating rashes or redness on your skin. Rinse it off with lukewarm water and experience soft and radiant skin in just few minutes.

3. Refreshing Lemon Face Scrub

Lemon contains citric acid which has antibacterial properties to clean the pores and give you younger looking skin.

How To Prepare And Use:

Combine 1 tbsp. sea salt, 1/2 tbsp. lemon with 1 tbsp. clean water. Apply the mixture on your face and without putting much pressure on your skin, massage gently. Salt exfoliates and scours off dead cells which are accumulated due to pollution and dirt. After scrubbing for around 2-5 minutes wash it off with warm water. The tangy fragrance of lemon will freshen up your mood and your skin will also feel refreshed.

4. Cinnamon Face Scrub

This spice has anti bacterial properties that works wonders on pimples and clogged pores. To shove of oily patches and heal your skin this one is a Must try!

How To Prepare And Use:

To make this healing scrub you can start with mixing one to two tbsp. of honey and 1 tbsp. of cinnamon. Just in case you don’t have the powder you can use cinnamon sticks by crushing them finely in a mixer. This scrub will also be helpful in revitalizing your skin as cinnamon is effective in killing the acne causing bacteria. Honey helps in lubricating the skin so that after scrubbing your skin glows like never before. Try this recipe for a long lasting effect.