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4 Homemade Traps To Get Rid Of Fruit Flies

Fruit flies are one of the most common factors of our irritation when we see or fruits. These are definitely not a boon for any of us. Most of us fail to understand how these come extremely fast and regularly. This is because most of us do not know that these flies have a very short life span, which lasts for just a few days. They reproduce extremely fast which leads to the fast appearance of these flies in and around our fruits. Fruit flies are most active in drains, garbage and various other areas which are not clean. It is very important to keep your home clean. It is also important to keep the surrounding areas clean as well. There are various home traps, which one can do to get rid of these flies.

Some Of These Traps Which Can Be Followed By You Easily At Home Have Been Mentioned Below.

1. Rotten Fruits Jar Trap

As the name suggests this will be a jar filled with over ripe or rotten fruits. You will take a jar which will be equivalent to a container. The jar will have to be filled with fruits which are rotten or nearly about to rot. The fruits will occupy the bottom area of the jar. Now cover the jar with a clean wrap or plastic. Use a rubber band to ensure that the plastic does not open. Make extremely small holes on the cover. The fruit flies will be attracted to this jar. The holes being small, will allow the flies to enter the jar but not allow the flies to leave it. Let the jar be there till it is almost filled with flies. Once nearly filled with flies put the jar in a soap and water solution. Keep it in the jar water for about fifteen to twenty minutes, that is, till you are absolutely sure of the flies not coming back. You can repeat this again when you have flies troubling your fruits.

Rotten Fruits Jar Trap

2. Wine Fly Trap

As the name suggests, this is a trap for flies which contains wine. You will need some red wine and a bottle jar for doing this trap. Fruits flies are drawn to red wine and you often find them around it. The flies will come to the red wine in the bottle and get intoxicated by it. If you feel that this is not working. You can put the bottle with red wine and flies in a soap and water solution for about fifteen to twenty minutes or you can freeze the bottle for a similar duration of time. The flies are bound to die with this.

Wine Fly Trap

3. Vinegar

Fruit flies often come into existence from drains and garbage. You shall put a cap full of vinegar in your drains. Vinegar helps in keeping the drain neat and clean. It also will help in flushing out fruit flies breeding inside it. Hence, fruit flies will be eliminated in the drain easily. It is also important to keep the drain area absolutely dry without things loitered around.


4. Using Rue

Rue is often found in markets where you find various herbs and plants. The rue plant can be used to keep fruit flies away. Keep them in your kitchen or dining area where the fruits are kept. This will surprisingly keep the fruit flies away. You can also keep a couple of them with the fruits. These are extremely effective.

Using Rue

These are a few ways to keep fruit flies away. These are simple traps and remedies which you can easily follow at home. These are easy and do not take much effort or time.