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5 Best Anti Virus Softwares For Android Devices


The emergence of Android software brought over a dramatic change in people’s lives by revolutionizing the way they connect on the internet. A bundle of great features offered by android devices like notification updates, wireless app downloads, widgets, alternate keyboards and infrared transmission have no doubt made life so much simpler but has also put our devices at a greater risk of getting infected with malwares and other viruses via the large amount of information we share and download from the internet on a daily basis. Aside from being vulnerable to viruses another thing that invites trouble is that being an open source software it can be easily used by hackers to steal passwords and other private information from your device. To curb these dangers many companies have come up with antivirus software that promise to protect your device from those malicious viruses.

Here Is A List Of Some Anti Virus Software For Your Android Devices:

1. AVG

AVG was the first to come up with an antivirus software meant for android on Google Play. The free version comes with basic protection features meant for your device including malware and PUP detection, individual file scanning, performance task killer, call blocker and anti-theft phone tracking, unsafe app detection and web scans which allows for safe web browsing experience. The paid PRO version packs in advanced privacy features in addition to all the features available with the free version to prevent apps from prying into your phone. These include individual app locking feature wherein all the sensitive apps can be locked by a unique four digit PIN, device lock, app back up and camera trap in which your phone takes a picture of the person trying to unlock your phone after three failed attempts and alerts you by sending it to your email address.



2. Avast

Avast Mobile security for android happens to be the most popular free antivirus app primarily for its highest malware detection rate and a couple of more features which are’nt available with the free version of most other anti-virus apps like the app locker for two apps of your choice and wifi locator. Just like AVG, features of Avast free antivirus come in segmented forms including anti theft tool, unwanted call blocker, URL scanner and a password manager. Initially Avast started out as a free anti virus app but later launched the paid version offering a couple of more privacy features including app locker to lock as many apps you want, malicious ad detector and remote data recovery tool.



3. Bitdefender

Bitdefender Mobile security is the best paid Anti virus app for android devices because of its impressive malware detection ability compared to all other anti virus apps available in the market. The only dowside of Bitdefender Mobile security App is that you cant schedule scans on your device using this app and also there are no call filters available. The Paid version offers a 14 day free trial period during which you can enjoy all security features of the paid version. The Free edition of Bitdefender anti Virus launched in 2017 comes with malware protection minus all other security features available with the paid version.



4. Norton Mobile Security

Norton Mobile Security is a great choice for people looking to protect a number of android devices for the price of one. Some of the paid features have been made available with Norton’s free Anti Virus like call blocking, contacts backup and password manager. Both free and paid versions offer excellent malware blocking feature but there is this one feature called App Advisor available with the paid Norton Mobile security that sets it apart from all other Anti virus softwares available in the market that scans all apps on google play before downloading them and alerts the users regarding potential risks of downloading malicious apps on Google Play.

Norton Mobile Security


5. CM Security

CM security for android is the only free anti virus software that enlists all the features that come with itspaid version minus the ad blocker which means you get all the features including app lock, an impressive malware detection, camera trap, anti-theft web support, battery saver, privacy cleaner and URL scanner for free. The best feaure of this anti virus app is its locking support system meant for mobiles with fingerprint locking. One thing that may concern its users is that unlike other antivirus apps, CM security only alerts the users about the threats found in the mobile and then lets them deal
with those threats their way.

CM Security



Written by Sukomal Joshua

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