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5 DIY’s To Reuse Your Old Towels In A Creative Way


Towels are probably one of the most underrated items found in every home, and once they get old people usually make cleaning rags out of them. All types of towels like, bath towel, beach towel, hand towel and various other kinds loose their charm in an year or so. In the era of DIY’s there is a new way to give them a brand new purpose to serve. Here are some great ideas to give a complete new look to the old towels, these ideas are easy and will help you a lot in using the old stuff in a new manner.

1. Iron Board Covers

Iron board is used almost daily and the original cover usually gets dull in a few months. Your old towels can come to your rescue, the best way is to create beautiful covers from these towels. You don’t need to be a professional in sewing you just have to know the basics and the rest will come handy. Take measurements of the iron board and pick towels accordingly. Firstly, you need to cut the towels in the size required and always take the size 3 to 4 inches more than the actual size to make drawstring pouch shape. With a needle and thread you can easily stitch the corners and find a new dress for your iron board cover.

Iron Board Covers

2. Beautiful Bibs For Baby

Bibs get dirty everyday and day to day washing makes them dull. All that is rejected and spitted goes on the poor bib so instead of spending money in buying a new one every month, you can make one with the old towel. The best way is to fold the towel and make a D cut with a sharp scissor. Open it and the bib is ready to try! Make sure you take a rough idea of the size of D shape that needs to be cut from the towel and you can also sew any old border to give a colorful shape to the circular cut out. If you are using a big towel then you can make around 5 to 7 small size bibs. Here is a colorful stock for months to come!

Beautiful Bibs For Baby

3. Cushion Covers

Brighten up the interiors of your living room with vivid colors and a variety of patterns. Cushions that match with your furniture and pep up the whole look can be easily made with the help of towels. It is as easy as it sounds, you just have to take measurements, cut the towel accordingly and either sew the corners together or close it by stitching a zipper or buttons. By using zipper or buttons you can easily take them off whenever you want to and wash them whenever required.

Cushion Covers

4. Mop Head

A mop head can be used by attaching to the floor wiper or to an old mop whose base is completely worn out. Cut the towel according to the size of the floor wiper and stitch around 3 to 4 inch from two corners horizontally. This will make a small pocket type shape in both the sides. Make sure you cut 3 to 4 inch extra so that it can be folded to make pocket and the wiper can fit in easily. This cover can be easily taken off and washed/soaked before mopping.

5. Carry Travel Basics

While traveling there is a lot that needs to be packed and this “lot” forces you to pack more than you can carry. Compact packing is the best way to deal with this issue. Travel basics like brushes, toothpaste, or make up tools can be easily carried in a pouch made of an old towel. All you need to do is cut half piece out of a full length towel and fold it 3/4th, sew the sides to create a big pocket. Now, this pocket can be further divided into small pockets as shown in the image, you just need to stitch vertically and make equal size pockets. This can be easily folded and will take less space in your bag.