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5 Interesting DIY Bulb Illumination Ideas

Light bulbs are one of the most beautiful and essential illumination things which we can use for brightening the environment of our homes. We all use light bulbs for our homes and gardens. There are a number of interesting and eye catching bulbs which you can use to enhance the look of your home. You can also make some amazing light bulbs easily for giving your interiors a new and interesting look. Some of the amazing light bulbs which you can easily make at home have been mentioned below.

Here Are the 5 Interesting DIY Bulb Illumination Ideas:

1. Glitter Bulbs

The glitter light bulbs look absolutely magnificent and look lovely. You need to put glitter on the bulbs. You can use various different colours of glitter and to the sparkling effect which the bulb is illuminated. It has a stunning sparkling effect which brightens and enhances the look of your surroundings.


2. Multi Colour Bulbs

A multi coloured light bulb gives a very different and amazing look on illumination. You can paint the light bulb in various hues and can also make a lovely design using paints. You can use three to four colours and to make it more colourful you can also have a lovely rainbow bulb.


3. White Bulbs

A white light bulb is one of the most stunning and elegant looking light bulbs which can be used by you. You can paint the bulb white or simply wrap a white a paper around the bulb. You can also use some stunning cut outs for a lovely illumination effect.


4. Christmas Bulb

A Christmas bulb is a great bulb for the festival season. You can make interesting and absolutely eye catching bulbs with the Christmas effect. It will look absolutely different and lovely. This is a perfect bulb for festivities and you will simply love this one.


5. Polka Dot Bulb

A polka dot light bulb is one of the smart looking and interesting light bulbs for your home. You can use interesting colours and combinations for the most stunning look of these bulbs. This is a simple bulb which you can make interesting by your creativity and innovation.