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5 Safe Squat Exercises And Its Benefits


Squatting is absolutely the right way to go about pumping up your daily health regime. It forms an essential part of the health routine. Squatting has many benefits and one of them being, stretching and movement of the entire muscles in the body. It flexes the muscles making strenuous activities easier in the daily life. It tones the back, and prevents injuries since flexibility takes an all time high. Squatting improves the overall strength of the body and in turn helps the metabolism of the body.

Here Are TheĀ 5 Safe Squat Exercises And Its Benefits:

1. Body Weight Squat

This is one of the basics of squatting. This requires to first stand straight and then slowly bend the knees, with the hip projecting out. Holding this position for 5 counts, go back to the same pose and repeat from the start. This is essentially a lower body strengthening exercise and can be done, when no equipment is available. It does not take up much space.

Body weight squat

2. Goblet Squat

Stand hip width apart with a dumbbell, and holding it vertically close to the chest, bend down on the knees, with hip out. The task is to lower the body as low as you can. Repeat the same exercises for a count of 10. It strengthens the abs.

Goblet squat

3. Pistol Squat

Stand erect with arms stretched out, in line with the floor. Bend the left leg, and raise the right leg off the ground and stretch it out. Hold that pose. This pose will force the hips to be pushed backwards and lower the body as far as it can go. Repeat exercise for a count of 10. This exercise is recommended for all athletes or sports enthusiasts who desire stronger and athletic calf muscles and particularly for the lower body.

Pistol squat

4. Braced Squat

This exercise utilizes the need of a weight plate. Holding the weight plate with both the hands, stretch out arms with the weight plate in front of you, so that the arms are parallel to the floor. Now, squat with the weight plate and hold the position. Repeat for a count of 10 times. This one is recommended particularly for stronger abs and midsection.

Braced squat

5. Jump Squat

In this exercise, first align the hands with the body, by placing the hands at the back of the head. Bend slowly on one knee, while the other leg is spread out as if to leap ahead. Now jump, and when the leg lands on the ground squat the other leg and jump in the same manner. Besides, toning legs and strengthening the overall body, it also helps in burning more fat. This is especially true for gym freaks who want to resort to quick burning of calories!

Jump squat