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5 Ways To Use Egg To Get Beautiful Hair


This is our favorite break fast item to kick start the day. This protein rich food product is loaded with many essential nutrients. It only only give a complete dose of protein to our body but also works great to keep our locks healthy. Why to buy the expensive hair care products when you can pamper them with this easily available food ingredient. Egg takes care of most of your hair worries such as hair fall, damaged hair and dull hair. You can use the egg in various ways to get rid of all your hair problems. Not sure how to use it ? We are listing down some of the best ways to use the eggs for your hair. Think about your hair concern and choose the recipe.

1. Egg Yolk with Coconut Oil For Longer Hair

All of us crave for longer and healthier hair. To get those beautiful locks we end up using the chemical rich hair care products. But we forget the most essential ingredient which builds the hair shaft. i.e. Keratin. Keratin is nothing but a hair protein which is very essential to get you the stronger hair follicles which eventually leads to healthy and longer hair. One Egg Yolk and two teaspoons of Coconut oil makes a perfect mixture to start your healthy hair growth.

Egg Yolk with Coconut Oil For Longer Hair

2. Egg Yolk With Olive Oil Damaged Hair

Got severe damage to your hair due to excessive use of heating tools and styling products? Use Egg to give them a much needed care and nourishment to bounce again with a life. Prepare this reviving mask by mixing the Egg yolk with two teaspoons of olive oil and two teaspoons of honey. Use it once a week to get back the lost shine and healthy bounce in your hair.

Egg Yolk With Olive Oil Damaged Hair

3. Egg Yolk with Yogurt for Coarse and Brittle Hair

Coarse and Brittle hair are always difficult to manage. No matter how many shampoos or conditioners you use, you still end up getting the frizzy flyways. Make a nourishing and hydrating deep conditioning hair mask using Egg Yolk with half a cup of yogurt. The combination of these two works extremely well on the coarse mane and smooth it out to get manageable look in just 20 minutes of time.

Egg Yolk with Yogurt for Coarse and Brittle Hair

4. Egg Yolk With Avocado For Shiny Hair

This buttery fruit along with Egg yolk moisturize your hair and give it an amazing shine. Take a blender and put one ripe avocado and one egg yolk in it to get a smoother paste. Spread it on your hair length and on the scalp as well to restore the lost shine and hydrate it.  The goodness of Egg and Avocado would heal and moisturize the dull tresses to reveal the dazzling shine. Use this egg avocado mask for 15 minutes every week.

Egg Yolk With Avocado For Shiny Hair

5. Egg Yolk with Lemon Juice for Itchy Scalp

Are you frustrated using the anti dandruff shampoos to control the itchiness and dandruff? Use egg to soothe your scalp and get rid of dandruff. Mix one Egg Yolk with one tablespoon of lemon juice to prepare an anti dandruff mask for your hair. 30 minutes application of this mask would soothe the scalp itchiness and remove the dandruff as well with consistent usage. The Nourishing properties of egg would hydrate the scalp and hence keep the itchiness at bay.