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6 DIY Hardwood Floor Cleaning Solutions To Try Today

Wooden flooring is a terrific way to give your home a natural feel. They instantly make your home feel cozy and inviting. Still many people desist from installing hard wood flooring because of the high maintenance that is needed to keep them looking clean and new. To prolong the life of hard wood floors one must ensure that they do not come in contact with water or steam for prolonged periods which in turn poses a hindrance in cleaning hardwood flooring. For this reason it is advised to clean wooden floors with cloth lightly sprayed with water or some de-greasing cleaner for stubborn stains. You can find an endless variety of liquid cleaners for hardwood floors in the market but it is always a better idea to make them at home to rid your house of all the harmful chemicals found in store bought products.

Here Are Some Ways To Diy Hardwood Floor Cleaners To Keep Them Looking New And Shiny:

1. Castile Soap Hardwood Floor Cleaner

Castile soap is a wonderful multi-purpose cleaning agent that effectively cleanses the surface of hardwood floors. To use it for cleaning wooden floors add three to four drops of castile soap in a litre of warm water. Stir in five to six drops of lemon or pine essential oil and shake the solution in a spray bottle. Spray this solution on a mop and use it for mopping hardwood floors. If you have got your hardwood floors waxed refrain from using castile soap or dilute it more to clean the floors as regular use of castile soap can dissolve the wax on wooden floors.

2. Vinegar Hardwood Floor Cleaner

Vinegar is an excellent solvent for mold and grime. Although it is acidic in nature diluting it with water can balance its ph level and can then be safely used on wooden surfaces. Mix three tablespoons of white vinegar and three to four drops of your choice of essential oil in a litre of warm water and shake this solution. Dampen a mop with this solution and rub it over grimy areas on hardwood floors. This cleaner should be used once in every few days to curb the build up of grease and mold as its regular use might make the wood look weary and aged.

3. Black Tea Hardwood Floor Cleaner

Black tea is another natural alternative for store bought wood cleaners. It is an excellent germicidal and improves the appearance of wooden surfaces. Boil a liter of water and steep three to four black tea bags in the water for ten minutes. For added fragrance you can add some drops of your favorite essential oils into the infusion or better still buy lemon, mint or lavender flavored tea bags. Allow the tea liquid to cool and transfer it into a spray container. Moisten your floor mop with this liquid and mop your floors once in every few weeks.

4. Rubbing Alcohol Hardwood Floor Cleaner

Rubbing alcohol can be employed for hard to clean oil based stains and soil from hardwood floors once in a while. Also known by the name isopropyl alcohol, rubbing alcohol should ideally be used in conjunction with water and other cleaning agents as using it neat on wood might damage it. To clean hardened stains from hardwood floors mix about half a cup of rubbing alcohol with one and a half litre of water. Spray this solution over hardened stains and slough them away by rubbing a thick cloth over the stain. For more stubborn stains like paint you may slightly increase the quantity of rubbing alcohol in water.

5. Borax Hardwood Floor Cleaner

Borax is a time tested agent to stop hardwood floors from rotting or getting infested. Mopping hardwood floors with a borax based cleaner every once in a while will keep your floors devoid of mold and termites. In a gallon of warm water add two tablespoons of borax powder and five to six drops of lemon essential oil. Wet a thick mop with this solution and wring it well. Wipe previously swept and dusted wooden floors with the mop to remove grime and dirt.

6. Tea Tree Oil And Lemon Juice Hardwood Cleaner

A combination of tea tree oil and lemon juice is a safe and effective way to clean hardwood floors. Both of these agents possess anti-bacterial and anti-fungal qualities minus the harmful effects of store bought wood cleaners. Cleaning your hardwood floors with a solution of tea tree oil and lemon juice will not only make them look clean and glowing but will also leave your home smelling great. To make the cleaning solution stir six to seven drops of tea tree oil and a tablespoon of lemon juice in a litre of warm water. Soak a thick cloth in this solution and wring it well. Mop the dirty areas on your hardwood floors with the cloth.

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