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6 Easy DIY Steps For How To Prepare A Piggy Bank With Unused Plastic Bottles

Piggy bank is a very familiar term for every boy as they are used to collecting coins in their piggy banks in childhood. Those sweet memories of childhood are extremely related with piggy banks. You can find several types of piggy banks in shop, which are different size and also available in different prices also. Piggy Banks are a very good idea for gifting any children. Do you know that you can also make them with some waste materials of your house? Yes it is true. Try to prepare this home made piggy bank with your children and enjoy the making while making the project. For this great recycling project you will need an empty plastic bottle, one sharp knife, scissors, adhesive tape, super glue, 4 bottle caps, 4 screws, black sketch pen, white paper, white card board, water color pink, black and white, paint brush.

Here Are 6 Easy DIY Steps For How To Prepare A Piggy Bank With Unused Plastic Bottles

1. Cut The Bottle In Proper Shape

First collect a plastic bottle. You can take any unused mineral water bottle or any soda bottle or a cold drink bottle for this purpose. Clean it properly if it is dirty and then dry it properly. Now cut the bottle with the knife or scissors from the end portion which will be 2-3 inches long. Then cut from the top portion which is also 2-3 inches and discard the middle portion of the bottle.

Cut The Bottle In Proper Shape

2. Join The Pieces To Get Proper Shape

Now take the two pieces of the plastic bottle and join it firmly with adhesive tape. If needed you can apply little amount of super glue at the open end and then wrap it with adhesive tape. Keep it aside to set. It will take 3-4 hours to become set properly.

Join The Pieces To Get Proper Shape

3. Affix The Bottle Caps

Now you have to make the legs of the pig. For that you can use four bottle caps of same shape and size. Try to collect four white colored bottle caps as then you have not to paint it. These caps work as stands for the piggy bank. Affix the bottle caps with screws and then set it aside.

Affix The Bottle Caps

4. Coat It With Paper

In this step you have to coat the plastic bottle with paper. Cut the white paper with small pieces and then paste it on the bottles with glue. Keep it aside to dry. Now cut the card board in the shape of pig’s ear and then affix it with glue. Also draw a tail on the card board and cut it according to the drawing in proper shape. Affix the tail with super glue in the appropriate position.

Coat It With Paper

5. Paint It To Make It Colorful

Now paint your piggy bank to make it colorful and attractive. For that color the whole bottle with white water color. Set it aside to dry the bottle. Now paint the cap portion with pink color as it is the mouth portion of the pig. Now make designs with back color as you saw on a pig’s skin. Also make the eyes with the help of a black sketch pen. Also outline the mouth portion with black sketch pen.

Paint It To Make It Colorful

6. Make It As A Bank

Now it is high time to transform in to bank. For that make a small cavity on the back portion of the cute pig that you have made. You can do it with the help of a sharp knife. It is needed to pour the coins in the piggy bank. Here your piggy bank is ready to use.

Make It As A Bank