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6 Exercises To Get Well Toned Triceps


We do a lot of activities with our hands like lifting objects, typing, writing and other activities. The strength of hands and arms is important for doing these activities. There are many types of muscles in our arms including the biceps and triceps. The triceps muscles are needed for doing arm movements with ease and slimming the arms. You can make these muscles strong by doing exercises. A well-toned triceps will help in using the arms without any problem. For this, you must do arm exercises for the upper body that target the triceps. We will explain some easy ways of doing these exercises. Follow the steps of these exercises very carefully and do them in the comforts of your home. Most exercises can be done easily without the need to go to a gym.

Following Are Some Exercises For Getting Well-toned Triceps:

1. Bench Dips

Bench dips is an effective exercise for getting well-toned triceps. For doing this exercise, you will need to sit on a bench. Keep a stool or another bench in front of you and place your legs on it. Lower the body down from the bench towards the floor in a dipping position while keeping the legs on the other bench. Continue doing this and repeat several times. You can do this exercise with the chair also.


2. Triceps Pushups

Do the triceps pushups to get thin and slim arms. To do this exercise, lie down on the floor or bed on the stomach. Keep some gap between the two feet. Maintain a pushups position by placing the hands at the side of the body with elbows folded. Lift the body upward supporting it on the elbows. Take the body down towards the floor and lift up again for a plank position. Repeat the movement ten times.



3. Side Pushups

Side pushups exercise involves doing the pushup movement on the side of the body instead of the usual plank position as in the above exercise. For this, lie down on the floor or bed on your back. Move the body to one side with the body weight resting on the side of the body. Place the lower hand arm on the opposite side waist while placing the palms of the upper hand on the floor down. Do a side pushup movement by lifting the body upwards on the side and taking it down. Repeat several times.



4. Triceps Extensions

Triceps extension exercise is done in a standing position. Grab a single dumbbell with your two hands. Lift the hand upwards above the head. Bend the elbows backwards to take the dumbbells behind the back downwards. Take the arms again above the head. Repeat this movement twenty times.



5. Lying Down Triceps Extension

Just as we did the above exercise while standing, we can do the triceps extensions exercise in a lying down position. For this, you need to lie down on a bench on your back. Hold dumbbells in both hands placing them near the chest. Lift the dumbbells upwards towards the ceiling to do a pressing movement. Take the dumbbells downwards near the head and fold the hands at the elbows. Come back to starting position. Repeat several times.



6. Skull Crushers

Do the skull crushers exercises for strengthening the triceps. For this, you should lie down on the back on a bench. Hold a single dumbbell with both the hands. Lift the dumbbell upwards from the chest and take it backwards while folding the hands from the elbows. The dumbbell should touch the head or your hair. Take the dumbbell upwards again above the chest. Repeat several times.