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6 Incredible Magento Extension’s For Securing The E-Commerce Store!

With the emergence of alarming e-commerce stores these days, a lot of people having begun to show-off their keen interest in vending their products in an on-line mode. With the incredible growth of business vendors around the corner, the need to safeguard the hundreds and thousands of servers have also been increased quite commendably. Talking in the similar pretext, Magento has been introduced as one of the most standardized tool for configuring your e-commerce or online store.

Besides owing an e-commerce store, its security also plays an utmost importance, so as to keep all the hackers and trackers at bay. The prominent reason behind this is that, if unfortunately your e-commerce site will be attacked by any intruder or hacker than you will be at the bottom-line of mislaying all your confidential data and information pertaining to your clients or more appropriately about the detailing of your business to them un-deliberately. Emphasized below are 6 such remarkable Magento extensions that are widely used for securing or protecting your e-commerce store in a commendable manner. Let’s take a brief insight on them in detail, one-by-one:

1. Bot Blocker:

This is usually one of the best and optimum Magento extension used for securing your e-commerce store. More precisely, Bot Blocker is quite an apt extension that is used for obstructing or blocking the bots or other spamming bots at large in a commendable manner. All the web-pages that contains the specification of Reviews or Contact forms are the prominent areas that are usually at the risk of being attacked by the hackers and that tends to optimally evades you from getting back to your esteemed customers or clients in a Judious manner. Just go ahead and install this Magento extension on your website, so that you can go ahead aptly in protecting your ecommerce store in a significant manner. You can also install Captcha Plus functionality on your website for successfully installing the review form or contact form on your webpage for effective captcha security at large.

Download Bot Blocker

2. Spam Killer:

This perfect Magento Extension is also one of the most amazing tool for you. This is also simple and easy to install besides this comes the fact that you need not to be a technologically sound person for aptly installing this extension on your webpage. Moreover, on the frontend you need not to make use of the captcha code for securing the webpage. Moreover, it doesn’t necessitate you to take a huge amount of time in restraining the reviews of your clients in a commendable manner. It has been named so because upon utilizing the spam killer extension, the number of spam mails received on this website gets depreciated to a greater extent, thus tending to improve the generalized performance of your website in quite an optimal and comprehensive way at large. Besides this, it also tends to improve the SEO ranking of your website in a commendable manner.

Download Spam Killer

3. Mage Report:

Highly in accordance t its name Mage report offers a comprehensive insight about the security status of your Magento e-commerce store at large. Besides this, this particular Magento extension goes a long way in letting you know about possible strategies of how to fix the threating susceptibilities at large. More precisely, Mage Report is a commendable product usually offered by, which is one of the most familiar web hosting service provider precisely for Magento stores, this particular Magento extension also offers you all the vital information pertaining to the security trends and the latest product releases. This is the main reason behind obtaining fastest notification reminders of all the innumerable threats for your site along with its various attack patterns in a significant manner at large.

Download Mage Report

4. Secure Front-End Cookie:

This is also one of the most optimum Magento extension and is widely used for securing the front end of the cookies in a significant manner. Once installed, this particular extension aids in running your e-commerce website on HTTPS address by safeguarding the cookies quite aptly on the front-end of your online e-commerce sites. Once the installation procedure has been completed, then you can save the front –end cookies in the Admin Panel of this Magento extension b appropriately hitting the ‘System ‘Tab first, followed by ‘ configuration ‘Tab, then ‘Web’ option and finally hitting the ‘Session Cookie Management’.

Download Mage Secure Front-End Cookie

5. IP Security:

This is another most incredible Magento extension available for safeguarding and protecting your e-commerce store by simply blocking all those malicious and fake IP addresses at large. This has been visualized that most of the time, the hackers make use of malicious or fraudulent credit card info on the online stores. So by installing IP Security extension, you will get the power of blocking all those mischievous people who often tend to fill the false detailing on your online site. Blocking in this way not only prevents your site from getting smashed up due to such type of malicious data but also goes a long way in alerting you or sending you the notifications whenever there is an occurrence of any such apprehensive action on the part of your, in totality we can remarkably say that IP Security is one those incredible Magento extensions that optimally works on the protocol of configuring some constraints which gets triggered the moment some suspicious activity will be notified on your site besides offering an effective and precise redirection mechanism of the web-pages of your online e-commerce store onto a website maintenance page ,custom page or even towards a blank page at large.

Download IP Security

6. Geo IP Ultimate Lock:

Geo IP Ultimate Lock Magento extension is usually a superlative extension that goes a long way in obstructing the un-wanted network traffic coming precisely form some specific site. As far as its working mechanism is concerned, it is based on the protocol of blocking the site’s IP Addresses and aiming for the functionality of Magento Catalog price options. Optimally trough this particular Magento extension, you will commendably get a choice of obstructing or blocking the ecommerce stores from varying IP Addresses precisely centered around innumerable product features like price, color, SKU and many more. Another most captivating feature of this Geo IP Ultimate Magento extension is that it usually supports multiple languages and multiple stores. Besides this, based on your criteria and requirements, you can optimally create enormous Access Control Lists for a specific region and then commendably prioritize thee regions highly in accordance to your preferences at large.

Download Geo IP Ultimate Lock

So, this is all about the 6 most incredible Magento extensions that tends to work quite optimally for your e-commerce store in a magnificent manner.