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6 Optimum Ways To Track The Lost Or Forgotten WordPress Admin Password!

Forgetting the old password is one of the most pivotal issue. Many a times you may have encountered this particular situation of forgetting the log-in password of the WordPress Site. But you will be glad to know how convenient it is to reset the old password that is set at the time of registration. Most of the time, it is quite easy to re-set or update the old password by means of the re-set password hyperlink available on the site itself and for obtaining that you need to specify your valid e-mail address.

At times, this strategy may fail to recover the old password and thus you are devoid of recapturing your old password or resetting to the new one in a significant manner. Contributing to it are innumerable factors but now you need not to bother a there are numerous other prominent strategies that goes a long way in re-setting the WordPress Admin password in a commendable manner.

Highlighted below are 6 of such strategic ways by which one can efficiently reset the WordPress Admin password. Let’s take a brief in-sight on all these strategies in brief:

1. By Making Use Of Emergency Password Re-set Script Option:

This is one of the simplest and efficient strategy for resetting the WordPress Admin Password and for that you just require to remember the username of the admin. For implementing this strategy, you are just required to copy the PHP script in a manual mode and then save it by the name ‘Emergency.php’ precisely to the file-folder where actually all the installation files of the WordPress ae saved. You can significantly search it by locating the link on the browser window and then appropriately mentioning the username of the admin along with the new password. Then hit the update option tab. If all the credentials are appropriate, then you will be provided with the admin user-name and password specifications on the valid e-mail id detailed by you.

2. By Making Use Of FTP:

Another most viable option for re-setting the admin password is to use FTP. One can easily log-in to the FTP through the cPanel and then move to the functions.php tab signifying the theme of your WordPress site and then just download it. Then, when you notice the command <? php line, add “wp_set_password(‘pass’, ‘usr’);” in the command, then replace the password pass with the one which you want to keep , similarly the desired username in place of ‘usr’ appropriately in the specified command. Then, commendably upload all these detailing’s into the WordPress site under the themes folder. Once, you are over with this, don’t forget to take-away the code which you have just pasted onto the server otherwise it will keep on re-setting the password whenever you will hit the refresh command on the page of the WordPress site.

3. By Making Use Of Admin Panel:

This is one of the best strategy to reset the old password in case you wish to update the old password. For implementing this strategy, you are just required to log-in to the WordPress site with your old credentials i.e. Username and Password then move to the Admin Panel in the Dashboard. Now, from the dashboard navigate to the Users tab and he significantly opt for the user-name you want to update. Likewise hit the Edit option and then move to the New Password Re-set field highlighted at the bottom of the window-pane. Now, enter the new-Password that you want to update and then hit on the Update Profile option. This way your new Admin Password will be configured.

4. By Making Use Of pHpMyAdmin:

This is one of the most optimum strategy for both all those who have significantly lost their password details. So, this is commendably suggested to always take a back-up of your database, if you want to move ahead with this strategy at large. For this, first of all Log-in to the cPanel and then appropriately navigate to the Database section and then hit pHpMyAdmin tab. Now, select the username from the given list of the database that you want to update. Then, opt for the wp_users options from the displayed list of tables. Appropriately, track the username particularly for which you want to modify the password and then hit the Edit option. Upon hitting it, you will encounter a new field called user_pass. Next, pen down the new generated password there and then hit MD5 available in the drop-down list and then hit on Go tab. Upon following are the steps strategically in an appropriate way, you will receive a new message narrating all your details have been updated.

5. By Making Use Of Softaculous:

Softaculous is basically an installer which is most appropriate option by automatically installing all the applications on your system. More precisely, it is sited on the cPanel and it is comparatively quite easier as contrasted to the copy-and-paste complicated codes strategy. What you are required to do is to just log-in to the cPanel of the WordPress website and then move to the Category specifying Software or Service. Then, hit the Softaculous option tab and then significantly opt for Application installation option from the drop down menu. Go ahead and opt for the one which really intends to update by just hitting the Edit Details tab and then moving towards the Admin Account Section. Now, enter the new username and password. Then hit save to make changes to your credentials at large.

6. By Making Use Of E-mail Option:

This is also one of the most optimum strategy for e-setting your lost password of the WordPress Admin site. But however, it involve one limitation and that is you are highly required to have the detailing’s of the e-mail id and the user-name of your WordPress account. For following this strategy, just go ahead and move towards the WordPress Log-in Page and then trace the option , highlighting ’ Lost Your Password? Now, just hit on this hyperlink and then enter your valid credentials enabled on that webpage and then commendably re-set the new password option. Followed to this step, is the receiving of a new e-mail specifying the hyperlink to update or re-set the password. Use this option to re-set to your new password.

So, this is all about the 6 optimum strategies for re-setting the WordPress Amin Password.