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6 Simple And Effective Hacks To Clean Jewelry At Home

Jewelry is a unique bliss which enhances women beauty more, time passes by, trends may change but love for jewelry never ends and the truth is it passes from generation to generation. There is a saying that jewelry is close to every woman’s heart and considered to be the priceless gift, especially when bestowed from your beloved or loved ones. Jewelry is one of the most precious and valuable assets no matter in whatever form it is in gold, silver or diamond.

Some prefer heavy ornaments while some opt for light weight which completely depends on their choice however with the passage of time jewelry starts losing its shine and luster. To keep it as new and sparkling, you just have to follow some very simple and effective methods to clean it at home without spending a penny for their forever grace and astonishing glimmer. Besides, you will start loving them again by spending few minutes on the cleaning process. Now there is no need to worry and spend money to bring the dazzling shine back. With the below-mentioned hacks, you will be able to flaunt the amazing stuff with pious and elegance which enhances your beauty more.

Here Are 6 Simple And Effective Hacks To Clean Jewelry At Home:

1. Clean With Not In Use Toothbrush

Cleaning the jewelry with a toothbrush and toothpaste is one of the easiest and simplest tricks. Take a small amount of toothpaste on the brush and instead of cleaning your teeth, gently clean your precious rings and earrings etc. this will remove the dirt and dust particles concentrated in the small areas. At last, wash them with Luke warm water and clean it with tissue paper or any soft cotton cloth. This will definitely clean your jewelry in no time and gives the remarkable shine to it.

Clean With Not In Use Toothbrush

2. Vinegar Is The Best Cleaning Agent

Vinegar is not only useful for cooking purpose but also have other benefits too. It contains around 5 to 20 % acetic acid. Yet it is also a best cleansing agent for silver and gold jewelry at home. Add white vinegar into jar according to the jewelry so that it can cover it then leave for 10 – 15 minutes, stir jar at short intervals. After soaking rinse the jewelry with cold water and let it dry or clean it with a dry cloth.

Vinegar Is The Best Cleaning Agent

3. Baking Soda A Great Surprise

Baking soda brightens your jewelry instantly and effectively. You just need to add water with baking soda and form a thick paste, then take a soft bristle brush and scrub the jewelry with the paste taking help of a brush. It is harmless substances which can clean any kind of ornament you possess however do not use the same for pearl or gem – stones.

Baking Soda A Great Surprise

4. Wash With Ammonia And Water

Take a pinch of ammonia and a good amount of water in the ratio of 1:6 respectively as high quantity of ammonia can damage or fade the color of the jewels. It is important to wear gloves in hand while using ammonia. Let the jewelry immerse in the solution of 1:6 mixture for 10 minutes, then pat dry jewelry with the lint free cloth and slowly rub so that dirt particles get removed and become clean and lightened.

Wash With Ammonia And Water

5. Dab And Clean With Beer And Window Cleaner

You must have heard washing your hair with beer for smooth and shiny texture; it is also true that beer could also be used for cleaning jewelry. Take few drops of beer on a soft cloth, clean it well and rinse with plain water then again use a towel to dry it. Window cleaner can be used for the as same as it is a simple amalgamation of water and soap.

6. Amazing Results From Turmeric And Detergent

This is the best home remedy any one could ask for. Turmeric and detergents are commonly available in every household, turmeric powder for cooking purpose whereas detergents for washing the clothes. To clean stones, gems and gold take a bowl filled with Luke warm water; add a small tea spoon of turmeric and a little amount of detergent in it mix them well. After mixing immerse the jewelry for some time and clean it well with the soft cotton cloth.

Amazing Results From Turmeric And Detergent

These are some very basic and helpful ideas to clean precious jewelry at home. Indeed, keep the artificial jewelry packed in a plastic bag when not in use, it prevents them from losing its shine, getting dull and will sustain for long. A magical change will become visible with these homemade and inexpensive tricks.