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6 Ways To Quit Nail Biting

Hands are the most noticeable part of our bodies next to face. Clean and neatly shaped nails improve the overall appearance of our hands. But there are moments of stress when many of us resort to nail biting which not only makes our hands look seemingly ugly but also affects our health as germs residing in our nails enter our system and make us sick. Nail Biting becomes chronic if it gets unstoppable, starts to affect one’s daily schedule and results in damage to the tissue around the nails. Chronic nail biting is a form of OCD and is placed under BFRD (Body Focused Repetitive Disorders) and if continued for a long period of time it has many fatal consequences. Hence it becomes imperative to look for ways to quit this habit at the earliest. We have listed a couple of strategies which will help in overcoming nail biting.

Here Are The Ways To Quit Nail Biting:

1. Enriched Meals

It’s a well established fact that all addictions are an effect of nutritional deficiencies in our body. Many a time deficiencies lead to brittle nails which get easily broken or torn and those suffering from brittle nails prefer to trim them using their teeth. This tendency can easily turn into a habit if one has brittle nails. Hence the first step towards curbing nail biting is to up the intake of essential vitamins and minerals especially calcium which will also speed up the healing process of torn nails.

Enriched Meals

2. Manual Activities

Getting oneself occupied in activities that involve the use of fingers will curb the tendency to bite nails. So whenever you find yourself chewing your nails get your hands busy in doing manual activities like knitting, sketching, painting or making craft items. It will keep your hands away from your teeth.

Manual Activities

3. Chew Gum

A lot of people who suffer from nail biting find it difficult to complete tasks as they get distracted by frequent nail biting in between their work. But if your teeth are busy chewing something else it will stop your fingers from reaching your mouth. Hence all chronic nail biters should make it a point to chew gum before they begin any task.

Chew Gum

4. Relaxation Exercises

Nail biting is an consequence of high stress levels which can be due to many reasons. Hence managing stress and its cause becomes essential for full recovery. Techniques like meditation, chanting and deep breathing go a long way in alleviating anxiety. Though most nail biters aren’t even aware that they’re biting their nails when they are at it, it would help if they pull away their hand from the mouth the moment they find themselves doing it and switch to any of the relaxation techniques to calm themselves.

Relaxation Exercises

5. Trim and File Nails

If you keep your nails short and filed, it will naturally deter you from biting your nails as while biting people prefer a longer and rough end on the nail’s surface as it doesn’t hurt and is easier to grab from teeth. Also applying your favourite nail polish will ward off any attempt to chew them in the first place.

Trim and File Nails

6. Nail Extensions

Nail extensions or fake nails are a great way to look like a diva and at the same time protect the nail underneath from biting attacks. Invest in a really good set of acrylic nail extensions and put them on always and you won’t be able to have your way with acrylic nails the way you did with your real nails. Try it ladies!

Nail Extensions

Written by Sukomal Joshua

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