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7 Adorable DIY Piggy Banks From Plastic Bottles

Piggy banks are one of our favorite money strong elements from the childhood. We love to save single penny and place it into a secure place and make savings. The kids specially love to decorate some cool piggy banks and save all the pocket money for their needs. The beautiful piggy banks can be easily developed at home while using the elements and things which we have around. One of these things is the plastic bottles. The plastic bottles are extremely useful and create a simply awesome piggy bank for children. Also it would prepare a cool saving pouch for the kids and also your kids would feel creative and joyful while preparing this piggy bank here are some piggy bank ideas from the plastic bottle which you can make with your kids and get them a cool money saving pouch!

Here are Adorable DIY Piggy Banks From Plastic Bottles:

1. Awesome Piggy Bank From Plastic Bottle

This is an easy and quickly doable piggy bank which would make your kids fall in love with the idea. This amazing and easy piggy bank can be prepared using some colors, chart papers and nothing more expensive! Cover your water bottle with some beautiful painted chart papers, prepare the ears of your pig and decorate the top with beads to make it look like a pig face and here your plastic bottle piggy bank is ready!


Awesome Piggy Bank From Plastic Bottle
2. Piggy Bank From Plastic Bottle Bottoms

If you love this amazing and cool shape of the piggy bank, here is an idea to make your piggy bank glorious and stunning. Cut the bottoms of two plastic bottles and seal them together. You can paint these bottles in the shade you like. Also you can stick the papers with designs to make it look catchier. Cut your piggy bank from the ceiling to add money and you’re little and cute piggy bank is ready!


Piggy Bank From Plastic Bottle Bottoms

3. Cool Piggy Bank From Fat Plastic Bottle

If you want a thick and huge piggy bank, here is an amazing idea to turn your plastic bottle into a cute piggy bank. Take a bottle with broad body. Get some color spray and apply it on the entire bottle. Color the top and the knob of the bottle too. Cut the piggy bank from upwards for inserting money. Add some beads on the top for eyes and get some char papers, prepare the ears and stick it on the piggy bank!

Cool piggy bank from fat plastic bottle

4. Cool Superman Piggy Bank

If your kids love supermen and batman, here is an amazing piggy bank inspired by these super heroes which your kids would surely love. This iconic idea of preparing piggy bank inspired from the superheroes is quite easy. Get some plastic bottles; spray the blue shade over it. Let the color settle and get a superman mark from your chart paper. Cut the top for inserting money and your superhero piggy bank is ready!

Cool Superman Piggy Bank

5. Minions Piggy Bank

We all love these cool and stunning characters which would make a stunning piggy bank. If you have a cool plastic bottle no more in use, prepare a stunning piggy bank with this awesome plastic bottle and turn it into miracle. This flawless idea of spraying yellow shade on your bottle and preparing a cool piggy bank for saving your money is such an amazing idea!

Minions Piggy Bank

6. Awesome Plastic Bottle Airplane Piggy Bank

We love this fascinating and cool plane piggy bank prepared from the plastic bottles. Get your chart papers colored and chopped into the airplane winged sand stick on your bottle top prepare a marvelous piggy bank. Add the wings top and cut the bottle for putting money!

Plastic Bottle Airplane Piggy Bank