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7 awesome ways in which fish oil can lead to weight loss

Fish oil contains the healthy omega 3 fats that help in better functioning of the brain, heart and keep the bones healthy and skin glowing.Fish oil has one more great benefit, it can help in losing weight which has been the casue attributing to heart diseases, diabetes and more. It energises the body and helps in efficient management of the body fat.

Ways In Which Fish Oil Helps In Weight Loss

1. Decreases Appetite

The intake of fish oil can keep the stomach full the decrease the urge to eat between meals. Taking fish oil after a meal can keep the stomach full curbing hunger and reducing the urge to eat more.It influences the sugar cravings also [1].

Decreases Appetite
2. Builds Muscle

Fish oil intake helsp in converting the body mass into muscles and stimulates their growth and development thereby cutting down fat in the body and lead to muscle gain. The enzymes in fish oil increase the blood flow to the muscle which helsp in their growth, thereby reducing body weight and keeping it under control [2].

Builds Muscle
3. Minimizes Fat Storage

Since the fish oil concentrates on muscle building, it decreases fat storage and it supplies the good fats to the body which are not stored as excess fat but get used by the body in the form of energy [3].

Minimizes Fat Storage
4. Regulates Hormones

Fish oil intake can influence the working of certain hormones like serotonin that are responsible for appetite and hunger.It regulates the release of this chemical that can control hunger and hence the craving to binge on food decreases, controlling the increasing waistline [4].

Regulates Hormones
5. Increases Metabolism

Fish oil can increase the metabolism of the body, increasing the functions of the body which leads to more energy requirement. If more energy is required, more fat will be burned in this process and there will be greater weight loss [5].

Increases Metabolism

6. Increases Insulin Sensitivity

The intake of fish oil is known to control the spike in insulin level and control the increase of blood sugar level in the body. This leads to weight control in the body [6].

Increases Insulin Sensitivity
7. Stimulates Weight Loss Plan

Fish oil can act as a catalyst to the existing exercise and dieting program which helps in better weight management. It boosts the weight loss plan and helps people who take fish oil who follow this diet plan to lose weight faster than people who also do follow the diet plan but do take consume fish oil.

Stimulates Weight Loss Plan