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7 DIY Steps For How To Make Amazing Wind Chime With Old Bottle Caps

Every body is familiar with Wind Chime which is a popular decorative item for our home. Actually it is made with metal or glass pieces which generates sweet sound even if when a mild blow of wind hits it as the name suggests for its. And this sweet sound makes our mind happy. You can find wind chimes in gift shops or in shopping malls that are made with metal or glass or plastic or some other funky items. These wind chimes are available in different price range. You may buy them according to your budget. But you can make wind chimes in your home also.

You can make it with the old unused metal bottle caps which usually found on the cold drinks bottles. It is a very easy DIY project which only needs some simple items that are easily available in your house. So, what are you waiting for? Try to make it your own and keep it looking. All that items that you need for this particular DIY project are lots of metal caps of bottles, Cord, one metal spoon, one old defect CD, few oil paints of bright color, permanent marker pen, scissors and a drilling machine.

Here  Are 7 DIY Steps For How To Make Amazing Wind Chime With Old Bottle Caps

1. Clean The Bottle Caps

The first job that you have to do for the project is to collect lots of metal caps of bottles. You can easily find these types of caps on any soft drink bottle. Then clean such caps with water and dry completely so that there should not be any moisture in it.


Clean The Bottle Caps

2. Paint The Bottle Caps

Now paint the bottle caps with bright oil paints. It will help you to hide the logo or picture of the product for which it is intended for and also gives your home made wind chime a pretty looks. When the painting is done allow it to dry in sunlight. When the caps get dried make a hole in the center of each bottle caps with the drilling machine.


Paint The Bottle Caps

3. Prepare The CD As A Holder

Now take the CD which will work as the holder for your wind chime. First draw holes with the permanent marker on the CD, marking them along the edges of the CD in a circular pattern. You have to attach all these items with these holes that you have made.

Prepare The CD As A Holder

4. Attach The Spoon

Then attach the spoon with the CD in the center portion with the help of a piece of cord. Place it such a way so that when you connect the metal bottle caps they can touch this spoon to produce the sound.

Attach The Spoon

5. Cut The Cords And Join

Now cut the cords with the help of scissors. Cut them in ascending or descending size of length. Then attach the cords with the CD so that they can form a helix pattern (such a helix pattern you can see in a DNA structure.

Cut The Cords And Join

6. Attach The Metal Caps

Now connect each metal caps with each cords and tie them tightly with the cord. But remember one thing that you should maintain the helix pattern while connecting the metal caps with the cords as it is the main beauty that lies in a proper wind chime. Also care about that 2/3 number of the metal caps must touch the metal spoon that you have connected in the central part when a blow of wind hits the chime.

Attach The Metal Caps

7. Attach Hanging Equipment

Now finally attach proper hanging equipment with the CD that you have used as a central part or the holder of your home made wind chime. You can use a thick cord or some metal cords as a hanging arrangement. When you have completed the hanging arrangement your Wind Chime is ready to use.

Attach Hanging Equipment