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7 Easy DIY Steps How To Do Amazing French Manicure


French Nail or French Manicure is a popular nail fashion around the globe. It is so famous among the women of all the ages. The most important thing about this nail treatment is it gives your nails a healthy look and also it gives your nail a clean look. It may me a little white portion in long nails or more white in a small shaped nail. It depends on your nail shape and also on your wish. You can do French nail in well known salons in the supervision of expert beauticians. But do you know that you can do it in the comfort of your home also? It is actually so easy. In this article today I am sharing some simple tips to how to get French nail in easy steps in your home.

Just Go Through The Article And Follow Each Tip Carefully To Get French Nails Easily

1. Collect Equipments For French Nails

To do a French manicure in home you will need the following items such as nail cutter, brush, nail file, hand wash/mild shampoo, base coat nail enamel, neutral shade nail paint, white nail paint, guide strip, paint brush (keep a good one for applying the white colored paint).

Collect Equipments For French Nails

2. Cut The Nail In Shape

First cut your nail in proper shape or in a shape of your desire. Now use a nail file to give it a proper shape. It may be of square shape or an oval shaped one or may be pointed.

Cut The Nail In Shape

3. Clean Your Nails

Now take a bowl with Luke warm water and pour few drops of shampoo or hand wash in to it. Now soak both of your hands in the bowl for 15 minutes. Now clean your nails and hand with a brush. Use plenty of water to clean your hand. Wipe your hand well with a soft cotton well.

Clean Your Nails

4. Apply Base Coat

Dry your nails carefully before you apply anything on it. It will make your manicure more stable. Now apply the base coat on your nail and allow it to dry. Base coat is very much important so that the white polish did not get removed or spoiled easily. It helps to protect it.

Apply Base Coat

5. Apply White Nail Paint

Before you apply white nail paints to your nails apply guide strips under the tip of your nails following the natural nail line. It will help you to apply the white nail paint according to the nail line. If you do not have guide strip then you can apply the nail paint in a straight line in a square nail. For a round shape nail apply the paint according to the nail line. If you have pointed nails then apply it from the outer corner of your nail to the center portion. Be careful that the white nail paint must not get outside of the guide strip. Allow the paint to dry. Then remove the guide strip under your nails.

Apply White Nail Paint

6. Apply Neutral Polish In Your Nails

When the white nail paint get dry apply neutral colored nail paint on the nails. Allow it to dry and again apply neutral nail paint on your nails.

Apply Neutral Polish In Your Nails

7. Again Apply Base Coat

When the neutral polish got dried apply the base coat again on your nails and allow your nails to dry. It is very important that each coat of nail paint must dry in a well manner before you apply a second coat on it.

Again Apply Base Coat


You can find guide strips in beauty shops or in a supermarket easily. For the first few times the application of guide strips under your nails may be tough. It will go easy after few times you apply it under your nails.