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7 Effective Home Remedies For Eye Stye


Eye Stye or Hordeolum, is a bump red in color, looking much like a pimple formed on the outer edge of the eye lid. This forms because the eye lids have a lot many tiny oil glands around eyelashes, which are sometimes blocked due to dirt, oil build up or dead skin. Bacteria grows inside due to the blockage resulting in the bump called eye stye. It causes pain, swelling, tears soreness, itchiness and a crust on the upper layer of the eyelid.

Some Of The home Remedies To Control Eye Stye Are As Follows:

1. Soap And Water Cleansing

One can clean his/her eyes with a mild soap, a baby shampoo with no chemicals mixed in warm water through a cotton swab gently. This should be done regularly until stye is totally eradicated and also to prevent from any other further stye. A saline solution can also be used instead of shampoo or soap.

Mild Soap

2. Warm Tea Bag

A warm tea bag works wonders in case of an eye stye. This is basically used instead of a warm cloth compress as it has better healing properties. Black tea is the best because it has good antibacterial properties and helps reduce the swelling quite timely. The tea bag used should not be very warm as it boils it up, so the temperature should be checked before usage.

Warm Tea Bag

3. Avoid Contact Lens

In such a case. A person who wears contact lens should avoid wearing those and the one who wears spectacles should use a set of spare ones which he/she may afford discarding after the infection is gone. This is because contact of any of these may get them infected causing further infections again and again.

Avoid Contact Lens

4. Massage The Area

One should massage the area which is in combination with the lid wipes, this helps to ease the drainage process and remove infection as early as possible. You should ensure that the massage is done very gently and it is done with clean hands as unclean hands may accelerate the infection instead of deceleration. Stop if it hurts.


5. Coriander Seeds

Take 2 tbsp. of coriander seeds and 1 cup of water. Boil the coriander seeds in water for some time. Now, do filter this water and let it cool down. After this water is cooled down to normal temperature, wash your eyes with it. One can do this process for like 3-4 times a day to attain good results. This is a very effective process because coriander has good antibacterial properties.s

Coriander Seeds
6. Green Guava Leaves

Take 7-8 green leaves of guava and some water and a cotton cloth. Now, boil the guava leaves for about 5-10 minutes and let the cool down for some time. Then, dip a cotton cloth in this water and place it on the stye for some time. Do this for 3-4 times daily. This works because guava leaves have good anti-inflammatory properties.

Guava Leaves

7. Garlic Juice

Take a clove of garlic and a Q-tip. Now, crush this clove of garlic and apply the juice of the crushed clove of garlic on the eye stye using the Q-tip. After you are done and it gets dry, wash it off in some time with lukewarm water.
Do this thrice in a day. This works because garlic has good antibacterial properties.


Garlic Juice

Try the above mentioned home remedies and see the effectiveness within few days and if the condition still persists an immediate consult to a doctor is strictly advised.