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7 Hidden Sources Of Toxins In Your Kitchen

The use of chemicals in our daily usage has created a toxic environment not only outside but also in inside our homes. This toxic environment is not good for our health because the toxins that are present in the environment can damage our body in a severe manner. It can affect our hormones, immune system and our body cells.

While we don’t have the capabilities to control the toxins that are spread throughout the environment but the one place which we can control is our own house. There are different sources in our backyard which are a huge source of the toxin. Let us have a look at some of the hidden sources.

1. Canned Foods:

Canned foods have become a must in our daily life. They are convenient, easily available and easy to use. Canned foods are used in every dish whether it is a soup or curry. Canned fruits have become common in our dessert or snacks. We tend to use canned soup also to avoid spending energy. These canned foods are lined with a plastic line that also goes inside our body. It is preferable to use fresh food.

2. Plastic Storage Containers:

The plastic containers we generally use for storing our food is also a risk to our health. Water bottles, oil bottles, or soda bottles all are made of plastic that are a source of acetaldehyde that is harmful to health. This can cause damage to the development of the brain, genital defects, and many more problems. Instead of using plastic, it is advisable to use glass storage.

3. Single-Cup Coffee Makers:

The modern trend of coffee making is also a rich source of toxins. We tend to use single-cup coffee makers like Nespresso which contains plastic. Coffee making machines when tested were found to be a rich source of bacteria and molds.

4. Aluminum Foil:

To keep our food fresh and heated, normally we use aluminum foil to wrap our foods. These foils since a long time have been associated with dangerous diseases like Alzheimer’s and also Parkinson’s. It also affects the human brain in a major way. Use of aluminum foil also increases the aluminum content of our body.

5. Non-Stick Pans:

Cooking utensils have also gone through a lot of modernization, from using clay pots to aluminum utensils, from steel utensils to the non-stick pan for cooking. Non-stick pans have become a common trend of cooking. These non-stick pans are coated which when overheated releases toxins. Health issues related to non-stick pans are raise in cholesterol level, thyroid level, poor immune system and much more.

6. Anti-Bacterial Hand Wash:

Most of the antibacterial hand wash or soaps that we use in our daily life contains a chemical which is named triclosan. This chemical is harmful to our skin. This chemical leads to weight gain, allergies and thyroid problems.

7. Household Cleaners:

If I say that most of the household cleaners are toxic in nature then it will come as a surprise to you. According to the Organic Consumers Association, household cleaners are the most toxic of all the products that we use in our household. These chemicals are harmful to our skins, eyes and also cause soreness in throat. Instead of using cleaners, it is better to use baking soda, vinegar, rubbing alcohol, etc that are easily available.