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7 Tips To Curl Your Hair Using Aluminium Foil

Gone are the days when you had to fix an appointment at the parlor or don those clumsy rollers on your head to get your hair curled to perfection, thanks to the at- home-beauty-DIY culture that has taken the world by storm and is almost dominating the internet space. The best part about DIY hair styling techniques is that you can easily style your hair with ordinary items lying in your home and create any style you wish. That also saves you the time and money spent on parlor visits or buying expensive styling tools which, in the longer run, damage hair because your hair has to be kept in direct contact with the harsh styling products and heat. But, when it comes to curling your hair at home, the options are varied and endless. Among many other hair curling techniques the one that is gaining momentum is the aluminium foil or tin foil method. So let’s take a look at the undermentioned steps to curl your hair using aluminium foil.

1. Collect Things Required

To begin with, keep all things needed to perform the curling method ready before you. You will need fifteen to twenty, three inches long square pieces of aluminium foil, a hair texturizing spray, a flat iron, small hair clips, fishtail comb and a hair brush.

2. Comb Your Hair

Make sure that your hair is completely clean and devoid of any moisture. If you have just shampooed your hair then use a blow dryer to dry your hair thoroughly before you begin curling. It is advised to skip the hair conditioning part as it may deter your hair from retaining the curls. Comb your hair well to eliminate any knots or tangles.

3. Section Hair

Starting from the front of your head, divide your hair into uniformly sized sections with the help of a fishtail comb. While sectioning your hair keep the sections large if you want big curls and for smaller curls, divide your hair into thinner sections. Secure each section of hair by clipping it back with a hair clip until all of your hair is divided and held in place with hair clips.

4. Roll Each Section

Untie a section of hair by removing the clip. Spray some texturizing spray over the hair and comb it well. Wrap the end of the sectioned hair around your index finger and roll it up towards the base of hair. Take your finger out and hold the rolled hair loop with your hand.

5. Wrap With Aluminium Foil

Place a sheet of aluminium foil under the hair loop and wrap the foil over it to help it stay in place. Repeat the previous step on all the sections of hair and enclose all them in aluminium sheets.

6. Heat With Hair Straightener

Since this method requires heating the foiled parts of hair with a flat iron, be careful that the wrapped hair sections do not come in contact with your shoulders or any part of your face or ears. Set the iron on medium heat and heat each roll of hair for five seconds.

7. Unwrap Hair

Wait for fifteen minutes to let the aluminium wrap cool and then carefully begin unwrapping each section. When you are done unwrapping all your hair, shake your hair gently and run your fingers through your hair to loosen them. Apply a hair serum to manage frizz that may result from the curling process and comb your newly curled hair with a wide toothed comb.

Written by Sukomal Joshua

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