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7 Triceps Exercises And Their Benefits


If you think that women just focus on losing weight and not on toning the other body parts, it is simply wrong! Nowadays women love to sculpt each and every part of the body and stay healthy! The triceps muscles are exactly above the biceps which would simply make your shoulders strong, flexible and balanced! If you always keep dreaming of flawless triceps, you can follow some awesome triceps workouts which would not only help you build string tricep muscles but would also benefit your entire upper body! For strengthening your body and to keep super fit, here are some coo tricep workouts which you can try. The benefits of these workouts would keep you strong, flawless and perfectly toned!

1. Weighted Tricep Extensions

For a correct posture, for a cool strength in our upper body, this is the workout which you must perform the tricep extensions performed with dumbbells or weight would keep your arms, shoulders, biceps, triceps and entire upper body super strong. To build enviable muscles and to keep your body super strong, this is the workout to consider! The tricep extensions can also increase your stamina and strength and would make you feel amazing!

Weighted Tricep Extensions

2. Tricep Dips

Nothing can be as rigorous and strengthening as the tricep dips. This workout is amazing and would help in attaining strength and balance. For hardcore muscle development, perform the tricep dips and increase your strength! To get perfect glutes, awesome triceps, toned biceps, to improve posture and hamstring muscles, perform the tricep dips and you would love the results for sure!

Tricep Dips

3. One Arm Kickback

Kickbacks are amazing and one arm kickback would simply help in improving your posture while you perform this rich workout! The one arm kickbacks are cool and would keep your back, quads, triceps perfectly toned! To strengthen your upper body and specially your shoulders and muscles, this is the workout which you must consider! One arm kickbacks would apply pressure and stretch on your triceps making them build perfectly!

One Arm Kickback

4. Tricep Pushups

You can use a cool medicine ball to perform the trice pushups or can perform it without it! Your tricep muscles would get toned and sculpted with this extraordinary move! The tricep pushups would keep your shoulders and triceps perfectly toned! Get into the pushup position but while you perform this amazing workout, focus on the triceps and would tone your body! Try this and make your body super toned!

Tricep Pushups

5. Tricep Presses With Resistance Bands

The resistance bend workouts can strengthen an add flexibility I your muscles. For soothing your muscles, to improve strength and to prevent injuries, the resistance bends would simply work miracles. Perform the resistance band tricep presses and keep your muscles crisp, tighter and flexible equally!

Tricep Presses With Resistance Bands

6. Tricep Press Down

The cable pres down is an awesome workout which specially targets on your tricep muscles. This workout is one of the workouts which would build your triceps and strengthen you back! Sharpen your shoulder, back, biceps, tricep muscles with this amazing high impact workout and fall in love with your iconic body!

Tricep Press Down

7. Awesome Tricep Stretch

After a lot of extreme and intense workouts, here is a tricep stretch which you can perform to heal your triceps and help them build! The tricep stretches would improve motion, strength and flexibility of your muscles. Your triceps, after getting toned and worked out daily, can become sore and stiff. In such cases, you can perform the tricep stretches and feel easy!

Awesome Tricep Stretch