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8 Amazing Ideas For Planters For Your Indoor Garden

Plants add life and a great feel to your home. The feelings and vibes of a plant indoors are simple amazing and eye catching. Many of us do not have the area or place outdoors to have a garden. This makes many of us to opt for a garden which is indoors. This adds to the beauty of our homes as well. They have a very appealing and attractive vibe and this spreads to your home as well. There are number of amazing ideas to have an indoor garden and some amazing ideas to have plants in the garden. The primary attraction is to have plants in the most creative and amazing ways indoors. There are some creatively amazing ideas for having plants indoors by incurring the minimum or no cost at all.

Some Of These Have Been Mentioned Below:

1. Bulbs

Bulbs are one of those things which we all have at home. You can use old or fused bulbs extremely creatively for planting plants for your house indoors. This looks absolutely stunning and eye catching. You will have to take proper care of the plants.


2. Jars

Jars are one of the bet and the easiest ways to have a plant indoors. You can be creative while decorating and enhancing the look of the jar. You can also hang the plants in the jars nicely. These jars can be of glass, plastic or any other.


3. Terracotta Plants

Terracotta plants give us the real essence of a garden. They have a charm and look which can’t be matched by any other vessel for q plant. These look lovely. You can also embellish these lovely terracotta plants in the most amazing way.


4. Pipes

Many of us have old pipes at home which may or may not be broken or if any use. For an indoor garden you can use these pipes in the most stunning manner to hold your plants. These look nice and appealing. You can also paint these pipes which look great.


5. Ladders

Ladders are one if the most eye catching and appealing ways to have plants inside. You can have various different plants, climbers and creepers done beautifully on the ladder to make it look stunning.


6. Bottles

Old plastic and glass bottles can be used for your indoor plants. These are a great way to recycle your old things at home. These look absolutely stunning and eye catching. You can use other bottles too. You can paint and embellish them to give them a new look.


7. Bowls

We all use bowls at home. You can use interesting plastic or ceramic bowls for planting plants in your indoor garden. You can hang them properly or simply arrange the plants beautifully. These are easy to maintain vessels and you will not have much difficulty taking care of these.


8. Lanterns

Lanterns are one of the most charming things with which you can decorate your home. They add a vintage and classy look to your home. Similarly these add a great look to your garden by holding your plants. These are one of my favourite ways for the plants indoor. They simply look mesmerizing and eye catching.


These are a few amazing ideas for planting plants for your indoor gardens. These look nice and attractive. Most importantly, you do not have to spend much or indulge in much of problem for these lovely planters.