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8 Best Exercises To Get Rid Of Muffin Top

Muffin top is a big issue with almost more than half of the population today. This is generally an issue with the people who over-eat or to the people who gain a lot on taking minimal calories. People try their own ways to get rid of the muffin top and get themselves in the shape, but exercises are the best healthy technique with no side effects and assured results. They definitely need some pain to be taken and they are to be done in the right direction under right guidance, in return to which you get assured results.

Some Of The Best Known Exercises To Get Rid Of This Muffin Top Are As Follows:

1. Twists

Stand straight with your feet apart up to a comfortable distance and keep your hands behind the elbows wide. Slightly bend your knees and isolate your body core. You need to make sure that your hips are not moving. Now, twist to any one side and then the other. Do this exercise alternatively at least 100 reps a day. These standing twists have an amazing result on the belly size in limited time and an easy going exercise as well.


2. Bends

Now, comes the bending exercise which is actually meant to reduce the excess fat at the sides. You have to stand comfortably with your feet at a distance apart as much as your comfort zone. Keep your arms at your sides. Now, bend down to a side with your fingers reaching your toes, lift the other limb up to your waist, keeping hand on your hip. Now, practice the same exercise with alternate arms up and down and do at least 100 reps a day to attain results.

3. Jack Knives

Lie on a bench or floor wherever you are comfortable keeping your legs straight out, arms should be stretched above your head and toes pointing towards the roof straight. Now, lift your arms towards your toes and reach a 45-90 degree angle keeping the shoulders off the floor or bench. The arms should be brought over the belly button and body now looks like a jack knife. Return back next to the floor and then repeat the same position for like almost 50 times a day at least.

Jack Knives

4. Towel Leg-ins

This is a very different and not so common exercise as the bents, sit ups or crunches which every third person is doing. This exercise is comparatively more effective than the traditional ones if done accurately. Here, you need a smooth surface to do this exercise where towel can easily slide. To do this, you have to begin in a high plank position and your palms should be on the ground, beneath your shoulders, arms should be straight and a small towel under the toes of each foot. Now, you need to use the abdominal in bringing the knees towards your chest, keeping them within your elbows. Then relax back and repeat this for 12 reps in a set and at least do 3 sets daily.


Towel Leg-ins


5. Lunge To Overhead Press

You need to hold dumbbells at approx. your shoulder height and begin in a lunge pose, keeping your left knee bent to 90 degrees in front of yourself and right knee a little bent behind yourself. Now, as you straighten your legs to come to standing pose, use your abs and press dumbbells over your head. Now. Bend your knees to come back to lunge and lower the dumbbells to shoulder level. At least do 5 reps and 3 sets in a day.

Lunge To Overhead Press

6. One Arm Roll Out

Begin with an engaged core, straight arms and a small towel below each of your hand. Keeping your hands on the towels, arms straight, slide one of your arm forward as far as you can without moving your torso, or hips. Bring the arm back to rest position and try with the other arm now.


One Arm Roll Out
7. Scissor Kicks

Lie on you back straight, keep your feet almost 5-6 inches off the ground and your arms straight, pull your navel towards the spine to remove the arch at your back. Now, you need to do alternate kicking towards the roof Keeping your legs straight. Do this for 10-15 times.

Scissor Kicks

8. Vacuum

Begin on all 4’s keeping your spine relaxed, inhale deep and when you exhale, pull your navel towards your spine and hold it there for like 15 seconds and repeat for about 15 times daily.


Muffin top is a stubborn fat that required loads of effort and time to reduce. With the regular practice of above mentioned exercises you will definitely get rid of the fat accumulated in an unwanted areas of your body.