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8 Causes Of Headache You Must Be Aware Of

Headache is not uncommon. Even a little mood swing may lead from mild to severe headache at times. Sometimes the headache is quite harmless, may disappear in a short time. At times, it creeps up like anything, causing erratic mood swings. Many things trigger headache. Prolonged, frequent or chronic headaches indicate about a health issue that you should look into. Let us take a look at the top 8 causes of headache.

1. Stress

Stress is the most common cause of varying degrees of headache. Just think about how stressed are you, when you suffer from headache. Stress plays dangerous game with the healthy hormones and lead to imbalance. Many reasons trigger stress, from tiny work problems to serious relationship issues. Think about how you handle certain problem. Intensity of headache varies on how you deal with the stress. Unresolved stress, prolonged stress and worrying about a lot of problems contribute to severe headache. Sometimes stress related headaches are short lived.

2. Lack Of Sleep

Sleep is the basis of good health. Lack of good night sleep impacts your body from many facets. Sleep is a kind of natural therapy where your body heals itself. During tight sleep the cells repair and regenerate naturally. Melatonin secretes when you sleep in dark room at night which balances your hormone level in the body. Besides, you need rest, rest your eyes, mind and body after long day of work. When you don’t sleep well, it creates imbalances in the body causing headache.

3. Your Body Is Off The Natural Rhythm

You may often notice a kind of nagging pain in the head, when you wake up super early to catch a flight or travel at wee hours without sleep. Eating and sleeping at odd hours puts your body away from the natural rhythm. It affects the circadian rhythm, which easily triggers headaches. Usually travel related headaches triggered by change in climate, improper sleep wake up schedule etc resolves naturally. If your lifestyle is erratic, it continues and aggravates.

4. Rebound Headaches Caused By Painkillers

Okay, headache is repeated episode. Sometimes you are forced to put off the headache instantly for various reasons. Most headache treatments backfire. Especially, if you popped a headache pill every time you suffered from headache, you triggered it. Prolonged use of painkillers actually makes the pain worse at a later stage. Every time you will be forced to increase the dosage or frequency of taking a painkiller. It gives only temporary relief and you are likely to suffer in a long run. It is called rebound headaches. Painkillers never make remedy for headache, but turns a major cause.

5. You Are Dehydrated

Often, headache is an indication that you are dehydrated or you are hungry. Habits and lifestyle impact the health of an individual a lot. Dehydration is a major cause of headache. Volume of blood drops when the body doesn’t get enough water. Lowered blood volume reduces oxygen supply to your brain, which triggers headache.

6. Anemia / Iron Deficiency

Anemia indicates iron deficiency and low formation blood cells and poor circulation of blood. It is uncommon in men, but too common in women. Women are easily prone to anemia for a number of reasons. Proper circulation is the key to good health. As mentioned above, when you something goes wrong in the body, it manifests through headache. Fortunately, iron deficiency related anemia is reversible by taking iron rich foods and supplements.

7. Headache Due To Diet

What you eat and when you eat play a pivotal role in triggering headache. Certain foods cause sudden drop in pressure and fluctuates blood sugar levels. It leads to spasms in the head arteries. Intake of food additives (without your knowledge) like MSG in packaged foods and fast foods / processed foods lead to severe headache as a sign of aversion. Besides, some naturally occurring chemicals in certain foods also lead to headache. If you follow a food diary, you can easily identify the food that triggers headache.

8. Side Effects Of Medication

Often, headaches associate with side effects of medication. While this is not common in many people, it is not uncommon in people who take medicines often for various reasons. Side effects are majorly triggered due to improper dosage or not following the prescription of the physician. Sometimes, taking prescription medicines with other drugs or foods and even vitamin pills may cause severe headaches. If medications give you recurrent episodes of headache, consult with your doctor.

Above mentioned are the top causes of headache. In case if your headache episodes increase or repeats frequently without proper cause, consult with a physician. Remember, it may be a sign that something went wrong in the body.