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8 Exercises To Improve Hunchback Posture

Hunch back posture is often a result of the slouching habit, often marked by rounded shoulders and the neck of the individual with this posture starts to protrude forward. The back of the individual starts looking like a question mark and this is a growing postural problem with many people these days. It is basically because of incorrect body posture while sitting, working on desktops or laptops, or slouching on chairs etc. This may also cause pain in your neck, arms, legs and may be your lower back. There are many exercises suggested by experts to be brought into regular schedule to avoid a hunchback posture.

Some Of Them Are Explained Below:

1. Chest Stretch

Extend your left arm and put the hand against one side of a wall facing any corner of a wall, now twist your body right side and try to lean forward. Now, you will feel like stretching the shoulder and chest. One thing you must note while doing is that your arms are in line with the plane of your shoulders and you can hold this position for about 25 seconds and do this for both sides for like 4-5 times a day to improve the posture.

Chest Stretch

2. Foam Rolling (for upper back)

This is another massage technique improving your mobility of the spine and also helping to correct the rounded shoulders. Lay in such a way that the foam roller is exactly below your back below the shoulder blades. Keep your knees bent, hands behind head and feet firm against the ground. Raise your hips off ground and roll forward to make the foam roller go back to about 2 inches, then drop the hips to the floor back. Keep doing this until and unless foam roller is a couple inches below your neck and then roll back down in same pattern.

Foam Rolling

3. Close Grip Row

This exercise needs a resistance band. Wrap the band around any staple object at approximately your chest height, walk a few steps back until you feel like moderate tension on band. Keep your arms full extended, knees a little bent, feet approx. shoulder width apart. Putting head up, chest out, shoulders back, abs tight, and back straight gradually pull the bands towards your torso. Then, slowly resist this band unless your arms are fully extended. Repeat this for 15 times in a set and do 3 sets daily.

Close Grip Row

4. Extension- Prone Y

This exercise helps a lot by stretching your abdomen, chest, strengthening your lower back and rotating your shoulders. Lie on the floor flat keeping your legs approx. as apart as your shoulders width. Raise your torso as well as rotate your shoulders to make your palms face upside. Hold this for about 8-10 seconds and do this for like 8 times a day.

Extension- Prone Y

5. Massage Ball

This massaging exercise helps a lot in improving the body posture by massaging body tissues and it also helps to improve the flexibility in a being. You need to hold a massage ball and hold it with both of your hands. Press this ball against your chest and specially exert more force to the tight areas. Do this massage for about 30 seconds in a set and do 3 sets a day.

Massage Ball

6. Pose Of A Cat

This exercise helps you quickly fix hunchbacks and works wonders in small time. You need to go down on your hands and knees like a cat does and then rotate your head a bit. This will automatically massage your neck. Do ensure you curl upside like a cat and hold there for some time.

Pose Of A Cat

7. Regular Crunches, Bench Press And Curls

The traditional exercises known for this purpose are the above mentioned ones. These have been long known because they are easy to do, familiar with all the trainers so that you have no chance to make a mistake in doing them. They are effective too on their part and one should do like 100 reps of each in a day.

Regular Crunches, Bench Press And Curls

8. Doorway Stretch

In case of a sunken chest, this exercise is a wonder. You need to stand inside a doorway at your home, bend the right arm of yours to 90 degrees and keep the forearm against the doorframe. Now, rotate the chest to the left until you feel a good stretch. Hold this position for like 30-40 seconds and repeat this with other arm and other side alternatively for 5 times a day to attain good results.

Doorway Stretch

Above mentioned exercises are easy to do under the guidance of an expert and if these exercises are practiced on  regular basis along with healthy dietary habits and see the difference in few weeks.