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8 Natural Deodorants That Really Work


Deodorants are awesome and if you love the lingering and refreshing feel of the deodorants, here we have a magical collection of homemade natural deodorants which will make you feel awesome! These deodorant recipes are exclusive and will keep your skin beautiful and smell free. Especially during summers when you face a lot of sweating, these deodorants would work magically for fighting sweat with a refreshing fragrance. You can use these stunning and refreshing deodorant recipes which will protect your skin from harmful bacteria and will leave you fresh and beautifully smelling all the day long! Using the natural ingredients, these deodorants are prepared with care to keep your skin super smooth!

8 Natural Deodorants That Really Work:

1. Refreshing Lavender And Shea Butter Deodorant:

This perfect combination of ingredients will never fail to make your skin flawless and sweat free. If you are looking for deodorant which can prevent sweat and can keep your skin dry, use this amazing recipe and get cool results. , mix some lavender oil. Shea butter, baking soda and mix these ingredients.

This is a refreshing and healing deodorant which will keep your skin sweat free and will also smell awesome! Apply this natural deodorant and keep your skin adorably glorious!

 Refreshing Lavender And Shea Butter Deodorant

2. Vodka Citrus Deodorant:

This is such an awesome and refreshing deodorant recipe which will get you crazy. This amazing recipe consists of some fresh tinted and citrus rich ingredients which can keep your skin sweat free and will also make you smell admirably awesome! To make the deodorant, add 1 cup vodka, sage leaves, lime juice or lemon essential oil and lavender oil in the jar. Lock this jar for month and use this natural deodorant for hydrating and cleansing your skin from the sweatiness!

Vodka Citrus Deodorant

3. Sweet Jojoba Oil Deodorant:

If you love a refreshing and sweet deodorant which can fight irritation, sweating and pungent smell, you can use this extremely nourishing deodorant which consists of some extraordinary ingredients which will keep your skin smooth and beautiful. Mix some jojoba oil, coconut oil, arrowroot powder and baking soda. Lock these ingredients in a jar and store for few days. You can then use this natural deodorant and keep your skin flattening beautiful!

Sweet Jojoba Oil Deodorant

4. Citrus Rich Grapefruit Deodorant:

Grapefruit has a refreshing and tinted fragrance which will keep you smelling fresh all the day long. If you are worried about the chemicals in market based deodorants, here is a complete natural deodorant which you can sue for your skin. Mix some grapefruit oil, Shea butter, coconut oil and arrowroot powder. Mix these ingredients and store this amazing deodorant in a bottle.

Use this amazing natural deodorant after few days when it becomes perfectly lingering and refreshing! This is one of the most refreshing and soothing deodorants which will keep you away from the bacteria and germs and prevent you from getting sweaty!

Citrus Rich Grapefruit Deodorant

5. Dark And Citrus Deodorant:

If you love the dark and harsh fragrance of cloves, you can use it to make a cool deodorant which will keep your skin super smooth and cleaned. Here is a stunning deodorant recipe which will keep you stunned! With a rich citrus fragrance and dark clove feel, this amazing deodorant will make you sweat a little and will also fight the germs and bacteria through the day.

Mix some coconut oil and Shea butter in bottle. Now some baking soda, orange essential oil, clove essential oil and shakes this mixture. Let it settle in your bottle for e few days and then you can use this extremely stunning and cleansing deodorant for perfect fragrance and high impact germ protection!

 Dark And Citrus Deodorant

6. Amazing Herbal Deodorant:

Herbal deodorants can make your skin protected from the external elements like sweat. Sweat can make your skin dull, patchy and smell extremely bad. This natural and herbal deodorant will keep your skin fresh and glorious as never before! For preparing this amazing deodorant, you need some essential oils and ingredients.

Mix some vodka, lavender buds, patchouli oil, tea tree oil, sage leaves and lime oil. These are the anti bacterial ingredients which will give you flawless germ free skin!

Amazing herbal deodorant

7. Antibacterial Natural Deodorant:

The deodorants must be anti bacterial and anti viral to protect your skin from various issues and skin impairments. This flawless deodorant will keep your skin protected with a long lasting fragrance. Mix some baking soda, apple cider vinegar, coconut oil, lavender oil and vitamin e oil and make a refreshing deodorant.

Use this daily on your skin and fight the bacteria in a natural way! This is one of the most flawless and skin friendly deodorants which will not only fight odor but will also make your skin smooth and soft!

Antibacterial Natural Deodorant