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8 Silly Tooth Brushing Mistakes That Can Affect Your Health And Beauty

White teeth aren’t the only goal of tooth brushing. It means maintaining the entire oral hygiene. However, despite most people brush teeth regularly, still feeling sensations around the gums, bad breath and even gum loosening are very common problems. And all oral problems don’t always been that you might be having pyorrhea. Sometimes, it might zero down to some silly mistakes most of us end up doing, not realizing they can actually cost us heavily in the long run. Today, we will open up the 8 most common tooth brushing mistakes you too might be doing, unknowingly. Have a read before it’s too late and seeking a dentist is the only option you are left with.

1. Not Replacing The Toothbrush

It isn’t just the paste that comes with an expiry date, even your toothbrush needs a replacement every now and then. Do not just keep rubbing the same worn out brush against your teeth. Ideally, you should discard a brush every month. It saves your teeth from catching infections.

Not Replacing The Toothbrush

2. Not Using Fine Bristle Brush

Remember, there’s a huge difference between thicker bristles and denser bristles. Dense bristles mean closely packed bristles that can cover more teeth individually. And thick bristles are coarse. Avoid using coarse bristle brush that might scratch your gums constantly, and cause bleeding. Softer the bristles, happier are the gums.

Not Using Fine Bristle Brush

3. Brushing For More Than 2 Minutes

It isn’t just Maggie that needs two minutes, tooth brushing follows the same rule too. Your teeth aren’t going to get any whiter by rubbing them for several minutes. However, it will for sure loosen your gums that can actually leave you vulnerable against early tooth falling. And sensitivity is also, mostly, an attribute of hurting the gums too much for too long.

Brushing For More Than 2 Minutes

4. Brushing Just Once

This one is for those who believe tooth brushing is just a morning routine. No it isn’t. You need to brush your teeth for two minutes in the morning, as well as night before sleeping. When ignored, germs feast on the leftovers night long. And it can lead to much more than just bad breath. This one might actually cause you pyorrhea.

Brushing Just Once

5. Not Brushing Properly

Very less is as harmful as very much is. If you are one of the instant brushing people who do not last even for 30 seconds, your teeth are at huge risk against gum bleeding, infections as well as bad mouth odour. Nothing than less a little over 1 minute can clean your teeth properly. The more you stick to the basic 2 minute brushing, the healthier your teeth and gums will be.

Not Brushing Properly

6. Not Cleaning The Tongue

It isn’t just your teeth, their opening and gums that are attacked by germs, even the tongue is. You must not skip tongue brushing if you want to smell good, and not like a dead goose. Also, better you buy a brush with a tongue cleanser. It will prolong your brush life by keeping the bristles intact, and will also offer the tongue optimum cleaning, nor too harsh neither mild.

Not Cleaning The Tongue

7. Brushing Back And Forth

Take a cue from your childhood days. Most germs are trapped, removed and killed, only when teeth are brushed in an upside down motion. Up and down strokes give the bristles a chance to penetrate between the fine opening in-between one teeth and other. Going back and forth just rubs against the upper surface, while most bacteria take a hiding between teeth opening and around the gums.

8. Not Removing Plaque

Ignoring leftover plaque after brushing properly is a biggest tooth brushing mistake. Rubbing teeth longer will not get rid of plaque. Use a dental floss. If not, a thread will serve the purpose as well. No brushing is ideal brushing without plaque removal.

Not Removing Plaque

Simply unfollow these wrong brushing habits in order to make your teeth stronger.