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9 Amazing DIY Ideas With Old Toothbrush


It is basically advised to change toothbrush after every three months otherwise they stop delivering the best results and are considered not healthy for gums. Are you planning to replace your toothbrush with a new one as it has stopped cleaning tooth and not giving the pearl white shine? Then definitely it’s a time to get the new brush but wait a minute what about the old brush, do you think now it has become useless and planning to throw it in a bin. It’s time to know that used tooth brushes can contribute the lot in various types of cleaning purposes because of which you do not have to spend money for buying different products and become intelligent to do your own DIYs at home. The small brush would do magic that will surprise you; it will not only helps in cleaning but also used a lot in beauty hacks too. Now it’s time to reveal the amazing and powerful ideas that will amaze you and after that, you couldn’t resist to try it out.

Here Are The 9 Amazing DIY With Old Toothbrush:

1. Remove Dirt from Nails

Perhaps most of you must be spending a large amount of pocket in parlors for manicure and pedicure once or twice a month but don’t you think if you daily move out from the house the nails didn’t get dirty and dusty, yes they do. So the best cure is to clean them daily as well, not only soap alone would do however use the old discarded brush along with soap and gently rub the nails to notice the change.

Remove Dirt from Nails

2. Brush Up Eye Brows

Giving shape to the eyebrows will become the easiest one with this idea; there are brushes available in the market for the same but from now onwards you would not feel the need to buy them. Just utilize the old tooth brush and swiftly move it on the brows in the defined shape.

Brush Up Eye Brows

3. Exfoliates Lip

As it is essential to remove the dead skin and dirt from the face likewise it is also important for the lips to get exfoliated time to time. Apply a little moisturizer on lips and without putting much pressure stroke the lips with a brush having soft bristles in a circular motion which removes the dry and dead skin and also soften them.

Exfoliates Lip

4. Apply Hair Color

While applying hair color, many times the color brush did not cover the side portions although a small device could do wonders and become helpful in doing touch ups because it blends easily and proves a great color applicator.

Apply Hair Color

5. Perfect Tool To Clean Jewelry

Clean up the amazing jewelry with a toothbrush that will remove the dirt in no time and become dazzling by putting no hard efforts. Take a bit of toothpaste on the brush and clean your precious rings and earrings etc or soak jewelry into a mixture of soap and turmeric powder then brushes them and at last wash it with luke warm water.

Perfect Tool To Clean Jewelry

6. Clean Hair Brush

To clean a hair brush is the hefty job. Now your trouble in removing the hair from the hair brush comes to an end. Let the toothbrush do its magic, lift the hair out by pulling it up and push the raised hair up and wash the hair brush with clean water and let it dry.

Clean Hair Brush

7. Get Rid Of Stains On Tiles

The toothbrush can get inside the tiny holes due to its structure or designed shape. Scrap it off the dirty stains from walls, tiles, and floors. The kitchen is the place where oil stains are at large and in bathrooms, dust particles concentrate in small holes and lines, clean the space with the mixture of detergents or baking soda with water.

Get Rid Of Stains On Tiles

8. Clear Dust Particles From Keyboard

Computer or laptops are the most prioritized things; if you have a desk job then it’s for sure that you are spending an ample of time using it. Use a dry toothbrush to clean the debris out of the keyboard, it is advised to do the same when your device is in sleep mode or switched office.

Clear Dust Particles From Keyboard

9. Work As Carpet Spot Cleaner

To knock out the dust or the hair strands from the carpet is the easy way to clean it up with the toothbrush, cautiously spot the area and remove it well; indeed you don’t have to pay for dry cleaners for small spot and could be done at home.

Work As Carpet Spot Cleaner

These are some really simple and unusual tricks to benefits myriads of things that you are not aware of. Apply these DIY at home and get the best out of them.