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9 Top Ways To Get Rid Of Water In Ear

Water can enter inside ear due to various types of reasons. It is a very common type of issue that needs to be handled with extra care and attention. Ear is very sensitive and a small mistake can hamper the hearing ability. People generally suffer from water in ear problem during bathing. Swimming in water is the most common reason which leads the water to enter the ear. It can be easily removed without much effort. Take some best home remedies into consideration and apply it perfectly to remove the unwanted water from the ear. These home remedies will not provide any sort of side effects and will remove the water at that instant.

9 Top Ways To Get Rid Of Water In Ear

1. Head Placement

This should be the first home remedy as it does not require any other ingredients. Make use of earth gravity to bring out the water from the ear. Tilt the head towards downwards side in order to pour the water from the ear. The tilt of the head should be actually parallel to ground. Press your fingers on the ear for some time and wait till the hot water comes out from the ear.

Head Placement

2. Dryer

Dryer is generally used to dry hairs. This same dryer can be used effectively to blow the water from the ear. Hot blower is actually used mainly to provide heating effect to water and in turn evaporate the water. It is a very easy method by which the water inside the ear will dry up. Take one dryer and keep it little distance away from the ear. Use it some time to remove water.


3. Heat

Heat therapy can also be applied at home to remove water from the ear. It will help perfectly to avoid the water to stay in ear. Take one clean towel. Soak this towel in hot water. Drain out the excess amount of water from the towel and then keep the towel on the ear for some time. The heat from the towel will help the water to drain out easily.


4. Vinegar And Alcohol

Vinegar and alcohol can be added together to make one solution that will help in clearing water from the ear. Vinegar contains antibacterial properties that will prevent any sort of infections. Take some pure vinegar and add alcohol to it. Mix it well and use a dropper to put this solution inside the ear. Start rubbing the infected ear to bring the water back.

Vinegar And Alcohol

5. Steam

Steam is also one of the best remedy to drain the water present in ear. It will easily help to drain out the water that is locked in the Eustachian tube of ear. Take some water and boil it properly. Cover your head with towel and start inhaling the steam. Repeat it for some time and at last tilt the head downwards so that the water is drained out.


6. Salt

Salt is used as a home remedy to drain water in ear. Hot salt compress on the ear will help to drain the water in small interval of time. Take some salt and heat it on a pan. Now use a clean cloth to wrap this salt and apply the heat coming from the salt near the ear. Apply for some time till the water slowly starts draining out from the ear.

7. Olive Oil

Olive oil used for better dishes in kitchen can be used to treat the problem of water in ear. Olive oil has good properties that will not hamper the inner ear and thus help to drain the water. Take some pure virgin olive oil and warm it slightly. Now pour this warm olive oil into the ear with the help of a dropper. Turn the head towards downwards to remove water.

Olive Oil

8. Garlic

Garlic is also used as one of the effective home remedy to bring back the water from the ear. It has best medicinal properties to avoid any sort of infection by the clogged water. Pain associated with clogged water can also be removed. Collect few fresh garlic cloves and crush it properly to extract juice from it. Put this juice in the ear with a dropper to drain the water.

9. Mustard Oil

Mustard oil has best properties that make it perfect to be used for ear related problems. It can help to flush the wax from the ear and also bring out water from the ear. Mustard oil is good for ear and thus proper steps should be taken to bring out the water. Pour some warm mustard oil into the ear to remove water that has been clogged in the ear tube.

Mustard Oil