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10 Immediate Home Remedies To Follow After You Get A Piercing On Your Body

In olden days, only women used to get their nose and ears pierced as a part of the tradition. But now these piercings have become a style statement. These days most of the youth are getting their bodies pierced irrespective of gender. Young men are particularly looking for studs to get their ears pierced with. Apart from nose and ears, these days piercing is also done on other body parts like navel, lip, eyebrow and tongue apart from nose and ears.

These piercings will definitely catch attention if done in right manner and right place. Even though you take so much care in choosing the right professional, right equipment still you may be liable for some after effects of piercing like inflammation, infection, redness etc. Though local anesthesia is given while piercing, once the effect of anesthesia is gone, you may get a searing pain in the pierced are. Here is a list of 10 home remedies to follow after you get a piercing on your body for relief and subsiding inflammation and infection:

1. Soap Water:

The primary care you take to your new piercing is keeping it clean by wash it every day. Instead of using plain water to wash it, prepare a mixture of soap water using any good anti- bacterial soap and pure water. Using unsterile water may further degrade the situation. You can use this cleansing two times a day.

2. Tea Bag:

Dip a tea bag preferably green tea into warm water for about 20-30 seconds and hold the warm tea bag against your piercing until it cools. you can repeat the process as many times as you want. Never press against the wound hard as it may further burst the wound.

3. Warm Lavender Oil:

Lavender oil acts so good on piercings as it avoids inflammation. Mildly heat the lavender oil and cool it till it is warm. Take some cotton and soak it in this warm oil. Apply this soaked cotton ball on your piercing. This can be continued daily for a relieving experience until the wound is totally subsided.

4. Aloe Vera:

Aloe vera acts as a good medical and beauty agent. You can use aloe vera leaves and extract gel from it. This gel can be applied on pierced are to get some cool relief. It’s better to extract aloe vera gel by ourselves as the duplicate gel which is sold outside may further increase complications. You can apply this gel daily after bathing.

5. Ice Pack:

Take some ice and crush it. Put this crushed ice in some ice bag or towel and slightly press it over the pierced area. This gives a soothing effect on the pierced area. See that not to apply too much pressure. Also don’t bring ice directly in contact with the affected area. This can be done whenever you need relief from pain.

6. Saline Solution:

Salt has excellent anti-microbial properties and hence it is used as a preserving agent. In our case mix non-iodised salt with some hot water and let it cool down to warm. Soak a clean cotton into the solution and apply it onto the affected area. This will prevent infections from occurring.

7. Turmeric Paste:

If you see the wound turning into infection, you can immediately use turmeric with some edible oil. Take some turmeric and add cooking oil to it and mix it well to consistency to make it as a paste. Apply this paste onto the affected area and the wound will no longer turn into an infection. This is due to the excellent antiseptic properties of turmeric.

8. Azadirachta Indica Paste:

Azadirachta indica is very effective on piercings. Azadirachta indica has most powerful medicinal properties. It can be soaked overnight in some water and make a paste by adjusting consistency and grinding it. This paste can be applied daily until the wound is subsided.

9. Alcohol:

Don’t worry if unfortunately, the wound turns out to be an infection. Alcohol is your savior in such situations. Apply some rubbing alcohol onto the affected area with some clean cotton. This can act as a disinfectant and subside the infection.

10. Aspirin:

This is your last choice if your piercing somehow turns into an infection. Take some aspirin tablets and add some water. Wait for the aspirin tablets to completely dissolve in the water and turns into a thick paste. Apply it on to the infected area daily before going to bed and the anti-inflammatory property of aspirin should make the wound disappear.

So, if next time you get pierced somewhere on your body, try the above mentioned home remedies to get rid of pain and pus.