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10 Proven Home Remedies To Lighten Dark Lips

Everyone loves those beautiful and gorgeous plumped lips which can make you look awesome! Lips are one of the integral parts of our body which can make our face highlight and look glorious. But due to reasons like pigmentation and dark patches, the lips really look embarrassing at times. With some amazing home ingredients, you can have cool advantages over your pigmented and dark lips and can make them awesome as never before. The dark lips are the reason of dry skin, hormonal changes, lack of proper hydration and much more. If you want some cool home remedies which can exfoliate and rejuvenate your lips, here are some of the most stunning and choicest ingredients which would help you make your lips awesome and beautiful!

1. Beetroot

If you want a stunning and blissful glow on your lips this is the ultimate ingredient which you can try. Beetroot is filled with cool skin brightening and moisturizing elements which can fight the dark and patchy skin and get you flawless results. apply some fresh beetroot juice on the lips daily or rub the beetroot slices on the lips. This would get you adorable lips for sure!


2. Rose Water

Rose water is such a nourishing and smoothening ingredient which can fight the pigmentation and dark skin. Get some chilled and fresh rose water and with a cotton ball, apply the rose water on the lips. This would nourish your lips and would fight the dark and patchy skin on your lips soon!

Rose Water

3. Lemon Juice

This ultimate bleaching agent is filled with properties which can make the skin over the lips brighter and lighter. You must apply some fresh lemon juice n the lips if you want to fight the pigmentation and dark lips. You can also use honey for making the lips smooth and glossier along with lemon juice.

 Lemon Juice

4. Aloe Vera Gel

Nothing can work as amazingly as aloe Vera gel on the dark and patchy lips. Apply some fresh aloe Vera gel on your lips which would ultimately smoothen and brighten your lips. For fighting pigmentation and dark skin, go for this cool remedy and you would simply love the results!

Aloe Vera Gel

5. Yogurt

Yogurt is filled with amazing anti bacterial properties which can make the skin bright and even toned. You can use fresh yogurt on your lips to fight the dark lips and skin. Massage some fresh yogurt on your lips every day before bathing. This would nourish, smoothen and glorify your lips and make it bright. Try this amazing remedy and get cool lips soon!


6. Cucumber

Cucumber is filled with amazing nourishing and skin brightening properties which can heal the skin and get some added nourishment. Cucumber juice is filled with nourishing ingredients which can make the skin lighter and glorious. Apply some fresh cucumber juice on the lips daily for cool and promising results!


7. Potatoes

These are also the ultimate bleaching elements which can brighten the skin and change the tone of the skin. Apply some potato juice or rub the potato slices daily on your lips. This would get you bright, even toned and plumped lips soon. This remedy is one of the coolest remedies which would get you promising results.


8. Saffron Milk

Saffron milk is filled with skin brightening and smoothing properties. Saffron strands would make the lips look bright, fight the pigmentation and would add a natural glow while milk would make the lips more nourished and smooth. Apply saffron milk on the lips and you would simply get glorious and beautiful results soon!

Saffron Milk

9. Mint

This cool and nourishing ingredient would make your lips bright and adorable mint is filled with amazing sin lightening properties which can make your skin look gorgeous. Also when it comes to lips, the amazing ingredient would make the dark lips look awesome! Get some fresh mint leaved and crush them. Apply this cool and refreshing juice on the lips everyday and you would get some significant difference in your lips.


10. Coriander Leaves

Surprisingly, coriander leaves are one of the best and most amazing ingredients which can make your lips look flawless and bright. Get some coriander leaves and blend them with water, apply this crush and paste on your lips while massaging. This would surely get you cool results and would fight the dark and patchy skin over the lips. Try to perform this remedy 3-4 times a week and you would get some amazing results with bright and gorgeous lips!

Coriander Leaves