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How To Take Care Of Contact Lenses


Hey, Ladies! you will agree with me if I say spectacles are so not in these days and the craze for contact lenses whether transparent or color one is still on as it gives the intriguing look simultaneously if you wear lenses instead of glasses there are certain precautions which should be kept in mind while wearing them. Eyes are considered to be the most delicate area so it has to care with caution due to its delicacy as they are easily prone to infection and bacteria, to work on the hygienic part is the key rule for its protection. According to doctors wearing lenses in place of glasses is appropriate and comfortable as well but there are few things to know if you want to enhance pretty gorgeous eyes. Here we are going to tell you to care for contact lenses for safe and healthy eyes.

Tips To Care For Contact Lenses For Safety:

1. Wash Eyes Nicely Before Wearing Lenses

You must be cognizant of the fact that eyes are one of the sensitive sense organs in human body however it is essential to care for them more. It is imperative to wear the contact lenses in clean eyes otherwise small dust particle can give a lot of trouble. Always wash eyes with plain water to keep them safe.

Wash Eyes Nicely Before Wearing Lenses

2. Change The Case At Regular Intervals

It is recommended to change the lenses case on regular intervals i.e. replaces to a new case in at least three months of duration.

Change The Case At Regular Intervals

3. Always Have Clean And Dry Hands

Wash your hands with soap and water, use the lint free towel before handling them so that fibers won’t stick to the hands and resist reaching lenses.

Always Have Clean And Dry Hands

4. Gently Rub Them

Pour three drops of lenses solution and rub them gently for 20 seconds to ensure that now it has become debris and deposits free and ready to put on eyes.

Gently Rub Them

5. Do Not Use Water On Lenses As Well As On Case

Exposure of lenses to water could prove harmful as water contains various micro organisms which may turn into an infection. For cleaning and storing purpose use the suggested disinfecting solution and procure your eye sight from getting damaged.

Do Not Use Water On Lenses As Well As On Case

6. Use Clean Case Always

To clean the case, rinse it well with the solution and let it dry in open air without using any agent like towel, tissues or hands for the safety.

Use Clean Case Always

7. Daily Change The Solution

It is of utmost importance to change the solution on daily basis and putting the lenses into a fresh solution for its prevention from the bacteria and keep them in good condition.

Daily Change The Solution

8. Do Not Wear Them For Long Period Of Time

Wearing lenses for the long interval of time may lead your eyes to pain, redness, and heaviness; it is not preferred to wear them for more than eight hours of duration otherwise it will result in more strain on eyes.

Do Not Wear Them For Long Period Of Time

9. Ensure To Remove Before Sleeping

Never ever sleep while putting lenses on, make sure to remove them before getting dizzy and do not forget to carry the case and the solution during traveling, it stops from getting dryness and irritation which leads to fungal infection later.

Ensure To Remove Before Sleeping

10. Apply Minimal Eye Makeup

Cosmetics are made up of a lot of chemicals and it’s dangerous if chemicals sweep inside eyes. Avoid doing heavy eye makeup else try to apply organic or herbal products.

Apply Minimal Eye Makeup