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How To Curl Your Eyelashes Without An Eyelash Curler In Five Easy Ways


Curling eyelashes is an unmissable step in the beauty routine as it magically spikes up the appearance of your whole face even without any makeup. But what does one do when for some reason it’s just not possible to use an eyelash curler. And besides there are many girls out there who dread putting their eyelashes in that cumbersome looking tool so much that they prefer skipping this important step. But let us tell you that with the help of some easily available items it is possible to curl your lashes. So no need to spend your money on that tool.

Here Are Some Ways To Curl Your Lashes Without An Eyelash Curler:

1. Fingertips

Women in earlier ages used this trick to make their eyes look bigger and more awake. This method still works and with some imagination it can give you curls that stay put for longer duration  Warm up your right index finger by rubbing it with your thumb and place it just below the base of your upper lash line and press gently against the upper eyelid. Stay in this position and wait for a minute. Finish with two coats of mascara.


2. Mascara Wand

Why spend time in scanning the market for the most suitable eyelash curler when your regular mascara wand can do the job just as good! While applying mascara, place the wand under the base of your lashes and lift them up a little by pressing the lashes upwards with the mascara brush. Now move the mascara applicator along the breadth of the lashes a couple of times and close your eyes a little so the lashes are lifted up by the applicator. Set the lashes in their curled positions by applying another swift coat of mascara.


3. Wooden Q-Tips

This method was first adopted by Korean women and involves the use of fire but is easier than using an eyelash curler. Before you proceed with this method prep your lashes with a single coat of mascara and let dry. Remove cotton from one end of the q-tip and run it over a fire flame a couple of times to warm it up. Remember not to burn your hands or the q-tip while doing this. Place the tip at the back of your hand. If it feels too hot then allow it to cool till it is just a little warmer than your body temperature. Now place the q-tip beneath your upper lash line, press the length of the q-tip against your upper lashes to give them a well defined curl and hold for a minute. Apply two coats of mascara to hold the curl.


4. Teaspoon

For a longer staying curl try using a metal teaspoon. What you do here is warm up the spoon a little busing a hair dryer and then wait for a minute to let it cool. Using your right hand place the spoon just above the outer lash line with its back touching the upper eyelid. Now place the thumb of your left hand just beneath the lash line where you have placed the teaspoon. Run the edge of the spoon from root to tip while pressing the lashes with your thumb against the spoon’s rim as you move it all along the lashes. Repeat the above procedure on the other lashes and apply two coats of mascara to finish the look.


5. Pencil

Ladies always tend to carry a lip or eye pencil in their bags wherever they go. But most of them don’t know that a pencil can be used in more ways than for defining eyes and lips. one of it is curling the eyelashes. Curling eyelashes with the help of an eye pencil saves one from the effort of carrying an eyelash curler. Warm up the pencil by rubbing it on your palm and place it above the upper lashes close to the lash line. Hold the pencil in this position and apply mascara on the lashes following the curved shape of the pencil so as to curl the lashes. Do this for 2 to 3 times to give a well defined curl.



Written by Sukomal Joshua

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