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How To Do A Pedicure And Manicure At Home


A pedicure and manicure is your first step to having gorgeous looking hands and feet, which applies for both men and women. And why not do both together to save you time and also energy. In fact, doing pedicure and manicure at home is a relatively simple process, unless you have some acute issues like ingrown nails or toe fungus.

Here Is A List Of Things That You Will Need Along With The Step By Step Process

Required Things

1 bowl for your hands and small tub to soak feet
Hot water
Essential oil of your choice
Epsom salt or hydrogen peroxide
Nail cutter
Nail filer
Cuticle pusher
Pumice stone
Buffer for shine
Soap/ hand wash
Brush or loofah

Step One – Soak Your Hands And Legs

The first thing you should do is soak your hands and legs. Ideally, start off with the manicure since your hands are softer and need less soaking. Put soap or hand was in both waters along with few drops of essential oil for added fragrance. Now when doing a pedicure, you can add hydrogen peroxide to your foot water, but it is a little harsh for the hands to avoid doing so. Soak hands for about 10 minutes and feet for 20 minutes before commencing.

 Soak Your Hands And Legs

Step Two – Scrub Hands

First scrub your hands well to exfoliate skin. Then using a moisturiser and cuticle pusher, push the cuticles back gently. Make sure that you don’t push it too far. Now continue with the scrubbing. Repeat this process on the legs too.

Scrub Hands

Step Three- Soap it Up

Now lather your hands first and use a pumice stone to gentle scrape off your hands first. Then using a soft brush clean it completely. Repeat this process on the legs too. Only here, make sure that you get the sole of your feet also, else it will be too hard and dry. Finally clean both with fresh water and pay dry.

Soap it Up

Step Four- Nail Cutting And Filing

Now that your nails are soft, you can cut them as per your shape and give them a good file. Do this for both hands and legs. Remember to use a buffer for adding shine to your nails.

Nail Cutting And Filing

Step Five – Moisturiser

Finally, moisturise your hands and feet really well using a thick cream. This will help it stay soft and supple.