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How To Get Rid Of Dark Skin Around The Nails

Dark cuticles around the nails are one of the most common issue women have to face. We all love the gorgeous and beautiful nails which can make the hands look stunning. But sometimes due to pigmentation and coloration, the cuticles around the nails become dark and patchy. This would simply make the perfectly manicured hands look uneasy. This is a very common issue through which woman are found battling. If you are too suffering from the dark cuticle issue in your fingers, you must choose some home remedies to fight it. These amazing natural remedies would simply make your nails look flawless and adorable and get you rid of pigmented skin. Remove pigmentation and dark cuticles from your nails forever with these amazing and miraculous ingredients!

1. Almond Oil

If you have dark and pigmented skin, almond oil would simply work miracles on your skin. Almond oil is a nourishing agent which would never ever fail to make your skin look gorgeous and stunning. The amazing sin brightening properties and richness of almond oil would simply make your fingers look adorable and bright. Apply almond oil on your cuticles everyday and you would get flawless hands!

Almond Oil

2. Honey Lemon

Dark and pigmented skin requires a cool bleaching element which can simply make your hands look bright and fight the cuticles. Apply fresh lemon juice mixed with honey for cool and stunning skin over the nails. Mix these ingredients and massage your cuticles with this mixture. This would surely get you amazing results soon!

3. Sugar Scrub

Scrubbing is an amazing remedy to retain the beautiful color and brightness of the skin. Sometimes, due to dark and patchy skin, dirt, impurities and toxic substances, the skin gets pigmented and dull. Scrubbing can help in such cases and would rejuvenate your skin amazingly! Apply this amazing sugar scrub on your cuticles and you would get amazed with the results!

Sugar Scrub

4. Baking Soda

If you want cleansing ion your cuticles, you can try using this amazing ingredient. This amazing element has scrubbing and cleansing properties which would fight the dark skin, dead ski, dir\t, impurities and such skin issues and get you glowing and gorgeous skin over the cuticles. Clean your cuticles with baking soda daily and you would get stunning hands!

Baking Soda

5. Tomatoes

If you want an easy and cool ingredient which can make your hands look bright and even toned, use tomatoes which would simply work miracles on the cuticles and get you gorgeous skin! Tomatoes are filled with good acids which can fight dark, patchy and pigmented skin and would simple get your hands look stunning. Rub the tomato slices on your nails and get flawless fingers!


6. Aloe Vera Gel

If you want a soothing and refreshing ingredient which can make your cuticles appear bright, light and soft, you can try this amazing gel which would work wonders on your skin! Aloe Vera gel is a natural ingredient which would never fail in making your skin glorious and patch free. Apply this gel on your cuticles and get amazing skin in few applications!

Aloe Vera Gel

7. Yogurt

Yogurt is filled with cool elements which can brighten the skin by eliminating the bacteria and dirty skin. If you have pigmented and dry skin issues, you can apply fresh yogurt on your cuticles. This amazing ingredient gives promising results and would never fail to get awesome results!


8. Potato Juice

If you want a nourishing and cool element which can brighten your skin and get you an even toned skin over the cuticles, apply potato juice on the skin. Potato juice is a cleansing agent which would deep cleanse you cuticles and fight all the patchiness. Apply this amazing mask on your cuticles and get rid of the darkness soon!

Potato Juice

9. Papaya

Nothing can get more beneficial on your nails and skin than the papayas. These are the fruits which can be used for skin brightening and discoloration treatment. If your skin has got black, pigmented, affected with sun tan and such issues, you can use papaya on your skin and get rid of these issues. Apply papayas on your cuticles and get rid of the dark and patchy skin soon!


10. Turmeric Remedy

This is a stunning natural herb which can fight numerous problems and skin issues. Apply fresh turmeric paste on your cuticles and massage this paste for bright and gorgeous skin. This amazing powder is filled with scrubbing benefits which would make your cuticles look bright and fail while removing the pigmentation, patchy skin, dead skin cells and such elements. Apply this amazing ingredient on your nails and get perfect results!