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How To Get Rid Of Facial Hair In Four DIY Steps

Facial hair is a very serious problem and it often makes you look pretty different from what you are. Many of us do not want to bleach our face and get rid of facial hair. Bleaching is not for the skin and many times it has adverse effects on the skin as well. It is always a great idea to try something natural and something which is good for your skin. There are a number of interesting and amazing packs and recipes which you can prepare at home to get rid of the facial hair. One of these packs, which are easy to prepare and use has been mentioned below. You will just have to prepare and apply the pack as mentioned below. The requirements and steps to prepare the pack for removing facial hair have been mentioned below.

Here Are Steps To Get Rid Of Facial Hair In Four DIY Steps


A bowl
A brush
A tablespoon of gelatin
Two tablespoons of milk
A stove or microwave
A few drops of rose water (optional)
A lotion or moisturizer

Step One

In the first step you will prepare the pack mix. You will mix the required gelatin and milk in a bowl and keep it aside. You may add rose water to your pack as it has a cooling and soothing effect on your face.


Step Two

When you want to use the pack, heat it lightly over the stove or in the microwave for a few seconds. Let the pack cool down slightly before you apply it on your face. In the meanwhile, you will use a headband to pull back your hair before applying the pack.


Step Three

You will apply two to three coats of the pack on your face. This is much more effective and also easier in removing the pack off your face. Once you have applied the pack all over your face, leave it to dry. Try not to talk or move your face during that time.


Step Four

Once the pack is dry, peel it off and wash your face. You can also apply a lotion or a moisturizer on your face. You will see the effective result as well.


These are a few steps in which you can easily get rid of facial hair without much effort and any harm to your skin.