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How To Grow Your Hair Long Using Inversion Method

For a lot of women long tresses still remain a far fetched dream as many find themselves struggling to grow their hair by a few inches and try out various methods available to them such as massaging the scalp, using hair masks and consuming hair growth friendly diet. All these methods do help in accelerating hair growth but if they are accompanied by hair inversion method in which the head is inverted so the blood flows to the scalp to provide nourishment to hair follicles located in that region may yield better results.

Here Are The Steps You Need To Follow To To Grow Your Here Using The Inversion Method:

1. Scalp Massage

The hair inversion method is preceded by a warm oil scalp massage. For this choose any hair strengthening oil like olive oil or coconut oil and warm it up a bit in a double boiler. You can also use a blend of other healing oils meant for your scalp condition for the inversion method. Gently apply the oil onto your hair and scalp with your fingertips for a minute. Slowly work the oil over the scalp and hair by massaging your head using light circular strokes.

2. Inversion

After massaging your scalp tilt your head in the front so all your hair hang down towards the floor. Aim to keep your head in this position for six to seven minutes if it feels comfortable otherwise four minutes of inversion would suffice. Take a few deep breaths during the time you invert your head and then align it back to its previous position. Let the oil stay on your scalp for two hours to deeply nourish the hair roots.

3. Wash With Mild Shampoo

Since the inversion method has to be repeated everyday for seven days make sure that the shampoo you use to cleanse your hair is mild so it doesn’t strip the scalp of its natural oils. Gently wet your hair with lukewarm water and work the shampoo into your scalp by massaging it gently with your fingertips to work up a rich lather. Wash off the shampoo with warm water and let your hair air dry.

4. Continue For A Week

Repeat the above three steps once every day for seven days and then stop. If your hair is in a healthy condition you may expect to grow your hair by an inch after trying the method for seven days. People who are prone to hair fall and other scalp conditions can benefit from this therapy because of its ability to increase blood circulation in the scalp and may experience less than an inch of growth during the first week. It may however take a couple of months of trying this procedure to see actual results.

5. Repeat Every Three Weeks

For best results repeat the seven day inversion method after every three weeks. This will give your scalp some rest after it has slogged out for a week to grow hair. This break is important to cleanse any build up of oil in the pores which might clog the follicles and also for the scalp to return to its previous health. After a month of trying the inversion method the hair grows at a rate of half inches each month. This method is not recommended for people suffering from hypertension, cardiac problems, ear infection, stroke and some other ailments. It’s best to seek advice from a physician before trying out this method on your own in case you suffer from health conditions other than mentioned above.

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