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How To Lose Considerable Weight In 3 weeks

Weight could be a major concern for some. It might just not shed even after a lot of effort. Well, the effort could be in the wrong direction and therefore, might not be helping in weight loss. Here is a simple diet plan that helps in losing as many as 10 pounds in about 21 days.

Let Us See The Diet Changes We Must Make To Achieve Our Weight Goals

1. Low Calories Diet

To shed one pound we need to burn 3500 calories, so for 10 pounds the figure is 35000 calories. Our goal has to be shedding 3 pounds each week. So if we eat a diet that has 1200 to 1500 calories per day, we will be successful in achieving our goal.

Low Calories Diet

2. Carbohydrates

It is very important to cut the carbs as when the body does not get its additional source of carbohydrates, it will automatically use its fat reserve as fuel for the energy processes of the body. Eat less of bread, pasta, and rice. White flour should be steered clear of. Fried food and fast food should all be avoided and sugar content should be limited. 75 gms of carbohydrates is recommended to be consumed every day. Eat complex carbohydrates which are found in many grains as they are nutritious and healthy.


3. Protein

Eat good amounts of healthy proteins and fats. They give the body energy to perform functions and help in the growth and repair. Eggs, fish, lean meat, vegetables, are good sources of protein and the protein content should be the size of the palm of our hand at every meal.

Protein Food

4. Healthy Fats

Fats keep us full between meals and also provide nutrition to the body. Nuts are a healthy source of fats and olive oil is a good fat medium for cooking. Saturated fats increase the waistline and should be avoided.

Healthy Fats

5. Sweets

Limit sugar intake in the form of sodas, fruit juices, and artificially sweetened drinks and sweets. They are extremely bad for a weight loss regime and candies should be avoided at all costs. Fruits in limited quantity are fine as they contain fibers that aid in digestion and weight loss. Among the fruits, eat more berries as they have higher fiber concentration.

Limit sugar intake

6. Drink Black Coffee

Drinking coffee without milk significantly cuts down the calorie content added to the body. It can be drank 2-3 times a day without adding large amounts of calories to the body.

Drink Black Coffee

7. Lemon Water

Replace sodas and aerated drinks with lemon water and apple cider in warm water. Lemon and apple cider both help in cutting down body fat and also revs up the metabolism of the body which in turn leads to fat burning.

Lemon Water