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How To Make 14 Adorable Mason Jar Decorations

Christmas is one of the most awaited festivals of any year. Though the festival arrives practically at the end of the year, the charm and excitement surrounding it grows with every passing day. A lot needs to be decided for the festival. Special care needs to be taken for the Christmas presents, decorations and various other things which need to be done for the festivals and the festivities surrounding it. Mason jars are one of the few things which we always use for the Christmas celebrations. These jars are always so useful in the decorations for the festivals. They never go out of fashion neither do they get boring with every passing day. You can always do some nice and interesting Christmas decorations with the help of mason jars. There are a number of things and decorations you can do with your mason jars for the festival of Christmas. Some of the mason jar decorations that you shall not miss for Christmas this year have been mentioned below, you shall definitely try these as you can do these easily by yourself.

Here Are Amazing Mason Jar Decorations

1. Christmas Tree Globe

You can make an interesting Christmas globe tree using a mason jar. You can set inside Christmas tree which you can decorate and embellish the way you want. Cottons and various other accessories can be used to make the globe look more eye catching and interesting.

Christmas Tree Globe

2. Iced Pine Cones

You can make interesting Christmas decorations using pinecones and the mason jars. The pinecones can be placed interestingly in the jar. You can make the pinecones ice capped with the help of cotton. These look extremely pretty and eye catching.

Iced Pine Cones

3. Christmas Mousse

Interesting mousses can be made for Christmas and the same can be set inside the mason jars. You can have defined layers of mouse which can resemble a Christmas tree. Different flavours can also be used you can also decorate the mousse top, similar to a Christmas looking décor.

Christmas Mousse

4. Christmas Candies

Interesting candies which have relevance to Christmas can be used for being kept inside the mason jars. You can make jellies and candies similar to the shape of Christmas trees, socks, sticks, balls etc. All these things have relevance with Christmas and can most definitely be associated with the festival. The jar can be kept on a shelf or table, where it is visible and can be accessed by people.

Christmas Candies

5. Lanterns

Mason jars can be used for making interesting lanterns. You can use a number of jars to make a cluster on lanterns together. Single jars can also be used for creating an eye catching lantern which can be used to decorate and illuminate your house for Christmas.


6. Greetings

You can make interesting Christmas greeting in the mason jars. You can cut and print out alphabets and make interesting greetings. These greetings can be made personalized or you can have a common greeting. You can also put in cookies, candies, chocolates etc. inside the jar.


7. A Town In The Jar

These are one of the best kinds of decorations one can do for Christmas in a mason jar. If a town is made well in the jar it looks extremely pretty and eye catching. You can make a few trees, houses and you can light up the extremely well. This will be a beautiful mason jar decoration for Christmas.

A Town In The Jar

8. A Snow Globe

An interesting snow globe can be made inside the mason jar. You can create a small environment of snow and Christmas inside the mason jar. You can also have a Santa Claus inside the mason jar. You can be a little different by doing slightly different décor inside the jar.

A Snow Globe

9. A Jar With Goodies

The mason jar can be filled with Christmas goodies. You can have accessories, candies, streamers etc. all inside the mason jar. This will also give you a feel of Christmas. These are extremely eye catching and a great treat for the onlooker’s eyes. Be different and make these extremely eye catching for your guests.

A Jar With Goodies

10. A Personalized Message Jar

A personalized message with a small decoration inside the mason jar can be done for Christmas. These appeal and have a warm touch. A personalized message always has a charm and warmth which can be matched by none. In fact, it will always be remembered.

Personalized Message Jar

11. Christmas Cookie Jar

Interesting cookies of various flavours, shapes and sizes can be baked and given away or kept in mason jars for Christmas. You can also make interesting decoration with the help of icing on the cookies. These are pretty and extremely loved treats during Christmas.

Christmas Cookie Jar

12. Mason Jars With Christmas Candles

Interesting candles can be placed inside mason jars. The shapes of the candles can be similar to things used in Christmas. You can place these inside a beautifully decorated mason jar. These are pretty small things which appeal the eyes and look nice.

Mason Jars With Christmas Candles
13. A Christmas Bouquet

A small Christmas bouquet can be made inside the mason jar. You can place various cookies and decorate them using glitter, thermocol balls etc. These look very nice and appealing.

A Christmas Bouquet
14. A Centrepiece Decor Jar

A nice centrepiece decoration can be made using a mason jar. You can use the jar as a centrepiece decoration by doing various interesting things inside the jar. These look very nice and most importantly enhance the look of your centrepiece.

Centrepiece Decor Jar
These are a few interesting and creative Christmas decorations which you shall try this Christmas using mason jars. These can easily be done by you and are interesting and eye catching.