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How To Make Awesome DIY Crafts Using Leaf

Most of us throw away the leaves which dry and fall off the trees and plants, in and around the leaves. We often use fake leaves for decoration and craft purposes. The fake leaves do not look nice always. The real leaves used for crafts and decorations have a charm of their own. They always enhance the look of the thing for which they are being used. Original and real leaves always make a particular thing stand out. This is something which remains unmatched while you are using the fake leaves. We often think of using real leaves for various crafts which we are doing but we do not find apt ideas for the same. There are various crafts where you can use leaves. These are easy to do and do not require too much of an effort.

Some Of These Have Been Mentioned Below.


A nice and an appealing wreath can be made using leaves. This is especially apt for welcoming fall. This looks extremely nice and appealing. You can place an amazing leaf wreath on the entrance of your house or at the centre of the main door to welcome your guests and the season of fall.

2. Invitation Cards

If you planning to celebrate an occasion or throw a party then you can send invitations on cards made of leaves. This is an interesting concept to send invitation to your guests. The card can be made using a single leaf or a couple of them. This will definitely be a nice concept.

Invitation Cards


We often buy bookmarks for our books. You can now stop that can use leaves as bookmarks. Dried up leaves or mature leaves can be used as bookmarks. You can also decorate and enhance the look of the bookmark.

4. Picture For Frame

A number of leaves can be used as a picture for your photo frame. You can stick a number of leaves on an A 4 size paper and let it stay till it dries. The paper can then be inserted inside the frame. This will definitely look appealing and nice.

Picture For Frame

5. Mask

These days we often have theme parties and you will often have to put on face or eye mask. An interesting eye mask can be made using leaves. If you want, you can paint, embellish or decorate the mask according to your choice.


6. Painting

You can be artistic and come up with interesting art and paint ideas using leaves. You can use leaves to get leaf stamp paint. You will have to paint the leaves and put the same on a paper. The exact leaf will be printed. Yu can trey these with a number of fruits and vegetables as well.

7. Name Plate

Name plates outside the house can be made using leaves. You can paint or write down the address and name of your house using leaves. These look very different and attractive. In fact, if done well these look completely different from their original form.

Name Plate

8. Banners

Interesting banners for greeting a festival or occasion can be made using leaves. You can use the leaves by joining them or by sticking them together. These look very attractive. You can use glitter, colours and various other embellishments to make them look the best.


9. Tiara

These days’ tiaras are very much in fashions. Girls love to flaunt tiaras. You can make amazingly pretty tiaras using leaves. They look extremely attractive and definitely have a charm matched by no other head gear or tiara.

10. Best Wishes Cards

We often use best wishes and with best compliments cards on gifts. You can make these cards using leaves. They will be different from the usual cards and will be a nice change for the onlooker as well. In fact, you will end up saving paper and printing charges as well.

Best Wishes Cards
11. Candles Or Lanterns

Interesting candles or lanterns can be made using leaves. You can use the leaves for enhancing the show and making the lantern or candle look better. In fact, it will look great when the candle or lantern has been lit up.

Candles Or Lanterns

12. Decoration

Interesting decoration pieces can be made using leaves. You can decorate and enhance the look off the leaves and suspend them from a string or attach them or stick them on walls or paper. They definitely look great.

13. Flowers

Well many of us do not know that one can make interesting flowers from leaves. You can also make roses from leaves. So, with leaves you can get to your creative best and make some interesting flowers and then place them appropriately in vases or containers.


These are a few awesome leaf crafts which you can do all by yourself at home. These are eye catching and creative. Most important these do not take anyone’s help or much time. You will also end up saving money. So, it is time to be creative using leaves.