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How To Make Eye-catching Pendant Lamp Made From Repurposed Paper Bags

Always you are wishing about the beautiful decorative lighting arrangements available in lifestyle shops. It will make your room awesome adding more variety in the decoration of the room. But you some times not afford them as because of your low budget. But do you know that you can also prepare these types of lighting arrangements for your home? Pendant lamps are used for actually spot lighting purpose and if you use it cleverly in the decoration of your room it can add more mystery in your room. So, why are you waiting for? Go through the topic and follow each an every step to prepare this type of light in your home alone.

Here Is The  Method How You Can Prepare Eye Catching Pendant Lamp With Repurposed Paper Bags:

1. Collect The Paper Bags

To prepare pendant lamps you have to collect the repurposed paper bags of medium size. You can easily get them from shops. Usually when people buy something from shop, the shop owner put the things in such a bag and handed over it to them. So, whenever now you get such a bag then throw it away here and there; but collect them and preserve them safely to reuse them for your DIY project.

Collect the paper bags

2. Make It Colorful

Some times this bags are white or some light color on it. If you want to make a colorful pendant lamp then you must paint it with some bright colors and let it to dry. If you can make a white lamp then paint the bag with white color to make the lamp brighter. Use poster colors or some fabric colors to paint it.

Make it colorful

3. Add Designs And Decorations On It

Now make designs of your choice on the paper bag. First draw it with a pencil and then color it. Add some decorations on it such as designs on the sides with cords etc. with the help of glue and additional paper.

Add designs and decorations on it

4. Make Hanging Arrangements

Now finally make the hanging arrangement in your lamp. Make hanging arrangement with cord and connect it with the paper lamp. Use colorful cords to make the hanging arrangement which will make the lamp more decorative.

Make hanging arrangements

5. Add The Light That You Like

Finally put an electric bulb or light of your choice in this paper bag lantern. Do not put any big sized lamp in it, rather be selective when you are adding a lamp in it to make it more attractive. Now your paper bag lantern is ready to use.

Add the light that you like